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Tuesday, January 25, 8924
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Functions and formulas available in HiDigit calculator.

  • General
  • sqrt(x) Square root of x
    exp(x) Exponent raised to power x
    ln(x) Natural logarithm of x
    log(x) Decimal logarithm of x
    log(x,b) Logarithm of x with various base (b)
  • Trigonometry
  • sin(x) Sine of x
    cos(x) Cosine of x
    tan(x) Tangent of x
    cot(x) Cotangent of x
    asin(x) Inverse sine of x
    acos(x) Inverse cosine of x
    atan(x) Inverse tangent of x
    acot(x) Inverse cotangent of x
    sinh(x) Hyperbolical sine of x
    cosh(x) Hyperbolical cosine of x
    tanh(x) Hyperbolical tangent of x
    coth(x) Hyperbolical cotangent of x
    asinh(x) Inverse hyperbolical sine of x
    acosh(x) Inverse hyperbolical cosine of x
    atanh(x) Inverse hyperbolical tangent of x
    acoth(x) Inverse hyperbolical cotangent of x
  • Complex numbers
  • re(z) Real part of z
    im(z) Imaginary part of z
    abs(z) Magnitude (absolute value) of z
    arg(z) Argument of z, between -pi and pi
  • Statistics
  • sum(x1,x2..xn) Sum
    min(x1,x2..xn) Minimum
    max(x1,x2..xn) Maximum
    mean(x1,x2..xn) Average
    norm(x1,x2..xn) Euclidean 'L-2' norm
    stddev(x1,x2..xn) Standard deviation
    variance(x1,x2..xn) Sample variance
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