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HiDigit's Built-in Constants $19.95 [ Add to Cart ]

Constants, coefficients and data elements available in HiDigit calculator.

  • General
  • pi The value of pi
    e The value of e
    i The imaginary unit
    false Logical false
    true Logical true
    gr Golden ratio
    ans Result (answer) of last evaluated expression
  • Physics
  • atomic_mass Atomic mass constant
    bohr_magneton Bohr magneton
    boltzmann Bolzmann's constant
    electron_charge Electron charge
    electron_magnetic_moment Electron magnetic moment
    electron_mass Mass of electron
    electron_radius Electron radius
    faraday Faraday constant
    first_rad First radiation constant
    light_speed Speed of light in vacuum
    muon_mass Mass of muon
    neutron_mass Mass of neutron
    nuclear_magneton Nuclear magneton
    planck Planck constant (h)
    proton_magnetic_moment Magnetic moment of a proton
    proton_mass Mass of proton
    rydberg Rydberg constant
    second_rad Second radiation constant
    stefan_boltzmann Stefan-Boltzmann constant
    vacuum_impedance Vacuum impedance
    vacuum_permeability Vacuum permeability (magnetic constant)
    vacuum_permittivity Vacuum permittivity (electric constant)
  • Astronomy
  • ast_unit Astronomical unit
    earth_radius Mean radius of earth
    grav_accel Gravitational acceleration on earth
    grav_const Newtonian constant of gravitation
    light_year Lightyear
    parsec Parsec
    solar_mass Solar mass
  • Chemistry
  • alpha_part_mass Alpha particle mass (helion nucleus)
    avogadro Avogadro's number
    bohr_radius Bohr radius
    molar_gas Molar gas constant
    std_gas_vol Standard gas volume
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