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GraphSight $29.00

Looking for a software utility that would help math students plot various graphs? You've just stumbled upon the most hip one. GraphSight is a newly updated popular and feature-rich comprehensive 2D graphing utility with easy navigation, perfectly suited for use by high-school and college math students.

The program is capable of plotting Cartesian, polar, parametric, table defined, as well as specialty graphs, such as trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tg, and others). Importantly, it features a simple data and formula input format, making it very practical for solving in-class and homework algebra or calculus problems.

The program comes with customizable axis options (color, style, width, grid), and table data import/export options. The one feature that makes it very popular among both math teachers and students is that the graphs the program plots are fully interactive. This object-oriented approach lets the students zoom in and out, see the points of intercept and do much more. Also, the program allows multiple graphs plotting.

GraphSight Features

  • Plot common Y(x), X(y) Cartesian, polar, parametric and table-defined graphs.
  • Carry out curve fitting routines. Regression analysis (linear, gauss, polynomial, reciprocal, hyperbolic, logarithmic fits are available) is done using least squares method.
  • Trace curves. It makes it possible to visually observe how the function Y(X) depends on the variable X.
  • Analyze data. Correlation coefficient, mean values and standard deviations of data vectors are calculated.
  • Automatically adjust coordinate grid and axes appearance.
  • Zoom or shift a graph with just a single click & move of mouse.
  • Print the resulting picture or export it to a file or windows clipboard as a bitmap.
  • Keep several coordinate spaces opened at a time.
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Parametric Graph
Parametric Graph
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Fitting a Curve
Fitting a Curve
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