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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Write Articles That Convert In 10 Minutes Flat by Michael Hole
... The first time you write an article, it should always be written from the heart, not your brain. Let yourself flow and donít stop. Just keep writing. Only after your first draft is done, should you go back and edit. 4. Write like you talk. Another good thing about articles is that they donít have to be complex instructions on how to do things. Write an article the way you would talk to a close friend. Use simple words that you normally use when you speak.

Experiments in Online Article Authoring by Lance Winslow
... As an online article author for 19-months I have tried many different tactics to promote the articles I write. Like most online article authors I have watched my statistics and number of article views to see what works and what does not. Most authors do this and experiment with key-wording, titles and sizes of articles. Indeed, this makes sense. One online article submission site entrepreneur did a double blindfolded experiment with a few of his own articles and found that certain articles ...

Potential Statistics for Top Online Article Writers by Lance Winslow
... At 19-months of writing; recently I had considered my writing statistics as 35,000 article publisher pick-ups and 2,150,000 articles views. And then the other day I had checked to see what the actual statistics really were and they were over 2.3 Million article views. Whoops! I made a mistake; here are my actual Stats; Page Views: Your articles have resulted in 2,297,897 page views, when I started writing this article 3-days ago and now they are 2,310,000.

Visual C# Express - Projects and Solutions (2nd in a series) by Samuel Mela
... This article will answer the above questions and will talk about how to use projects and solutions to write better more maintainable programs. In the BeginningEarly programmers wrote very simple programs. Often the programs were so simple they were contained in one file. But, as computers grew in complexity and functionality, programs became so large they had to be split up into multiple files; and after a while, sets of files, were grouped together by function into reusable libraries.

5 Unique Ways To Get More Free Traffic by Darren Power
... So traffic source #1 - Write articles #2 - Post ads on other peoples sites. Now you're probably thinking 'tell me something I don't know' but think about this for a moment. If there is a site that has a lot of traffic, gets spidered frequently and has excellent page rank. Do you think pages on that site get good search engine rankings. You betcha! Here in the UK there is a site called UK Free Ads. It has an Alexa rank of about 20,000 and, you guessed it, you can place ads on it for free.

R U Wurreed Cuz Yur Cid Kant Spel? by Jeffrey Hauser
... I could refer you to an article I wrote about using text-message shortcuts like ‘LOL’ and such, which certainly doesn’t help the situation. But the problem of spelling is spreading among adults in general. My thinking is that if someone goes to the trouble of posting a business website, get a proofreader. There’s no excuse for misspellings, sometime right in the main header. I even understand there’s an entire market for buying articles on Ebay that are misspelled.

Clickbank Super Affiliates Toolbox by Codrut Turcanu
... If an affiliate has a good supply of articles and information concerning the product, this will enable them to write their own articles and email letters and newsletters and to have the proper information right at their finger tips. Another tool in the super affiliateís toolbox is a good group email tool. Being able to send out emails to large groups of people who have shown an interest in the product is advantageous and will save time. It is important not to misuse this sort of a tool so ...

Top Ten Tips (Part 1) by Elaine Currie
... Be yourself Know your subject Be interested Punctuate proudly Respect the apostrophe Get great grammar Spell well Keep to the point Read and revise Sleep on it Pay attention to detail Be yourself Write from the heart or the head or the gut, depending upon the type of writing you are doing. You can let your heart pour passion into a love letter but your head is better for the contents of a business letter and the gut feeling should never be ignored.

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