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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Article written by Michael Hole

Write Articles That Convert In 10 Minutes Flat

The power of writing articles is truly remarkable. Itís widely known that one of the best sources of targeted traffic on the internet is from people reading articles.

Pique their interest on any given subject, connect it with a well written and youíve got a well oiled traffic generating machine.

While this has been a proven system for online success, I believe you can take it one step further by accelerating the process. Think of it as a form of article writing in high gear.

I mean letís face it, unless you were a born copywriter, writing quality articles usually require a hefty time commitment. This is the foundation of what discourages so many people and they give up before they get into the swing of things.

Itís safe to say that the more articles you write and distribute, the more leads, subscribers, and customers youíll attract to your website(s).

So how then, do you speed up the dreaded process of article writing? The answer lies in being persistent. In essence, just keep writing.

The truth is that the first few times you write an article, itís going to take a long time. The natural instinct is to give up and put article writing on the back burner.

You want to avoid this trap at all costs. Just keep the end result of floods of targeted visitors to your website firmly in your mind. Get out your calculator and figure out your typical conversion rate.

Now imagine if you had 100 articles on 100 different websites that pulled in around 1,000 page views a day. What kind of surge would that give to your website? Once you start seeing the results you wonít ever want to stop. Imagine if you had 500 articles, or even 1,000!

However, persistence is useless without taking action. So in order to churn out articles at lighting fast speed, follow these 5 steps:

1. Get comfortable. Before you sit down and start brainstorming for article ideas, make yourself as comfortable as you can. Do things like change your clothes, enjoy a good healthy meal, and have a shower.

2. Eliminate distractions. Try to write your articles at a time of day where itís the quietest in your home. If you have children, consider writing an article or two after theyíve gone to bed.

3. Write from your heart. Avoid the trap that most newbie writers fall into by trying to make your first draft the final one. The first time you write an article, it should always be written from the heart, not your brain. Let yourself flow and donít stop. Just keep writing. Only after your first draft is done, should you go back and edit.

4. Write like you talk. Another good thing about articles is that they donít have to be complex instructions on how to do things. Write an article the way you would talk to a close friend. Use simple words that you normally use when you speak.

5. Tell a story. People love reading compelling stories because they know they can usually relate to it. Just remember a time you got excited about something and told a friend how much you enjoyed it. You can apply that same experience to article writing. The advantage here is that you donít have to do much, if any, research.

By combining these 5 steps along with a healthy dose of persistence, youíll be able to break through the barrier of newbie writer. Writing articles will become second nature to you and eventually youíll be at a level where you can crank them out in just 10 minutes. Trust me; youíll be glad you did.
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