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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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5 Tips for Finding Your Core Competencies by Jeff Hardesty
... We know what training is, but do we understand why training fails? Timely Training is having appropriate structures for learning and application, defining useful short-term objectives, measuring results, and working closely with qualified trainers for follow-up and support. Most importantly, there must be organizational commitment. Focus on one core competency at a time until a pre-determined benchmark result is realized. Don't move on or over until you do.

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website by Yaro Starak
... However once your community tools take off the value they provide is hard to beat. People enjoy interacting with other people and if they are doing it on your site then you have more time to show them advertisements or convince them to join a list etc. 5. ResourcesA database driven resource can add sticky power to your site keeping visitors busy mining your data or reading through your resources. A friend of mine recently created 5000+ new entries into his blog by using a bot to gather ...

Soapmaking Recipes - What Goes Into A Good One? by Lisa Chambers
... If not you'll have a more drying bar of soap- but the soap will be a harder bar, have a longer shelf life naturally, and may lather better. If you set your superfat sky high you may want to lower your linoleic acid drastically so that your soap won't have the very opposite effects. It's all in experimentation. By using either of these methods , or even a combination of the two, I was finally able to create a soap with up to 30% in butter that I was satisfied with.

A Small Business Approach To Computer Downtime by Aidan McDermott
... Since we are calculating “per hour”, I compared the rates of four leading national on-site service providers and worked out an average of $100 US/hour for onsite support. So the total cost for a two hour service call ends up being $200. Next we examine the cost of the drop-off service option. Prices in this category vary a little more depending on the service provider but a comparison of two national providers and two “mom and pop” local service depots resulted in an average hourly rate of ...

Personal Tracking Devices in Cell Phones? by Dakota Caudilla
... The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently suggested that communication companies work harder to incorporate a location pinpointing device and technology on cell phones so that call receivers can check the location of the caller in times of emergency. For people like Kelly Emerson, the cell phone saved her life – but with an advancement of technology, the caller or owner of the cell phone may not even need to be awake or conscious in order for others to detect their location.

Is Body Mass Index or BMI a Real Measure of Obesity or is It Flawed? by Armand Dupuis
... It’s a lot of hard work, and a lot of sweating for very little results, because Most of the exercise routines, which people do in Gyms and on exercise equipment, burn mostly sugar and very little fat . “That’s Right”. Oh yes you’ll build muscles, but it’s mostly sugar burning muscle mass and not fat burning muscle mass, and that’s especially bad for a woman, because You can actually build enough muscles that you start to look like “a Guy”, but you’ll still be fat , on the other hand, if ...

How To Subtract In Your Head by Murdo Macleod
... Yet most people would do them the hard way: by working from right-to-left, and trying to remember a "carry digit". The method you've just learned is based on an ancient formula (or 'sutra') called "By Addition and Subtraction". It's simple to learn, and after a few practice runs you'll use it instinctively. A few tips to help you:Always relax when you're doing mental math (or when performing any mental activity for that matter). Never strain your mind - the natural way is best.

How to Buy A Treadmill - Key Points by Keith Thompson
... Other features that you may want to consider include safety features, shock absorption, variable speeds, calorie counters (to tell you just how hard you've been working!) time/distance calculators, and of course a reasonable guarantee/warranty. The motor should be have a warranty of at least 2 years, and the more the better. Some are as long as ten years. Shop around. Buying a treadmill online can be very easy. Not only can it save you money, but you can usually come up with good deals on ...

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