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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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The Wonderful Future of Cell Phones by Amit Laufer
... (Text-messaging phones also can receive messages sent over the Internet from a PC.) Companies including UPOC (Universal Point of Contact) and SMS.ac allow users to fill out a profile as they would at any dating service (some dating sites are dabbling with texting) and then search for an ideal match. Profiles can include photos and can be accessed either with a picture-enabled cell phone or through a PC. Say you want to meet a 20- to 30-year-old man in Orlando who is interested in hiking.

Today's Mobile Phones: Our Portable Windows To The World by Dan Cavalli
... Similarly, text messaging (SMS) provides instant connection when your hectic schedule only allows time for a quick “Hi.” Most service providers also offer add-ons to their basic subscription packages that allow users to instantly check and compose email, and do some basic Internet browsing. You can even set your phone to alert you when a new message arrives in your inbox. Fun! For over a decade, we’ve expressed our personalities through the ringtones we pick.

The 5 Best Cell Phones on the Market by Bradley James
... Basic Information: Talk time: 200 minutes Standby time: 165 hours Size: 3.43H x 1.81W x 0.98D inches Weight: 3.38 oz Basic Features: 1.9 Ghz PCS, 800 MHz CDMA (All Digital) Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) to send and receive text messages with graphics and sound E911 Emergency Location-capable 2.5mm headset jack to accept universal hands-free headsets 65K TFD Main Color Display (120 x 160) 8 lines of Text OEL Sub Display (96 x 38) 3 lines of Text Blue Backlit Keypad 5-Way ...

Cheap Mobile Phone - Cell Phone by Clarence Harrell
... T9 text entry, which is a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit-- a plus for mobile text messaging users. A number of handy productivity tools are bundled with the Samsung cheap mobile phone or (cell phone ) t809 including a voice memo recorder, an alarm clock, a calculator with currency converter, a calendar, and a to-do list. Imaging and EntertainmentThe Samsung cheap mobile phone or (cell phone ) built-in 1.3 megapixel ...

Best Cell Phones - Cell Phone Shopping 101 by Samantha Goode
... Motorola – While each particular model offers its own set of standard features and options, some of the perks that you can expect to find include two-way text messaging, wireless internet readiness, speed dialing, one-touch emergency access, vibrating option, dozen of ringer options, 500-entry phone book and SMS messaging. Nokia – On most models, you’ll find standard features such as color display, various timer types, SMS messaging, two-way text messaging, vibrating option, internet ...

Handspring Treo 650: A Mobile Phone and a PDA Rolled Into One by Keith Rickwood
... The Handspring Treo 650 handset is an intelligent combination of a mobile phone, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and a text-messaging device. This makes it very popular among the professionals for whom computing and information storage is lifeline. Handspring Treo 650 provides an organizer, messaging, Web access and email features that help you to manage your official tasks efficiently and systematically. Handspring Treo 650 functions efficiently as a PDA having the Palm OS organizer ...

LG CU500: Stylish Mobility Comes in Small Packages by Elizabeth Wills
... Other basic features include a vibrate or silent mode, a speakerphone, support for stereo Bluetooth, text and multimedia messaging, a voice recorder, instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ), a wireless Web browser, an alarm clock, a calendar, a notepad, a calculator, a world clock, and a to-do list. It also comes with Micro SD card slot. The CU500 is a quad-band GSM phone, which means you can use it almost anywhere in the world. The CU500 offers personalization options and you can ...

The Great Benefits of Cell Phones by Alan Zunec
... with a massive bill at the end of the month. Cell phone plans have been created in order to cater to different people’s needs. Some are for business, some for family members, while others are for personal touch. A great benefit of a cell phone plan is that you know what you are getting with it. Nice features like caller ID, voice mail and text messaging are all good things to consider. Digital communication is here to stay. So why not find the product that you will enjoy for years to come.

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