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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Article written by Andrew Wohlberg

When a 19 Cent Photo Ain't 19 Cents

The math, of course, never adds up. You go to buy something online, you see a price, you check out and then all of a sudden you get whacked in the head with shipping costs.

Getting digital photos is no different, though slightly more annoying. After all, we are dealing with such small amounts of money usually to begin with and then to find out at the check out line that it’s going to be significantly more expensive simply because of the shipping. [It kind of reminds of me a line from Lethal Weapon 3, when Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Joe Peschi order food from a drive-through. After they pay, they go through the bag and find their order is all wrong, prompting Joe Peschi to blurt out that memorable line that: “They f--- you at the drive through!”]

That’s the way I often feel when I shop online that the they “@!##$ at the check out!” It’s like the company knows that we’ve come this far and won’t leave.

For digital prints, many of the companies compete most heavily on the prices for 4x6 and 5x7. And the truth is, price is often where you’ll find the greatest differences. In terms of quality, most companies really do provide beautiful prints, so they have to try to win you over by price. But you can quickly discover that in some cases a 12 cent photo isn’t always less expensive than a 19 cent photo. That’s because of shipping. Determining that online is a real pain as you have to go from one site to another, and often having to order to see what you’re actual price is, i.e. photo plus shipping.

That is, until now. A really smart friend of mine, (much, much smarter then me) devised this really cool, easy-to-use and *free* photo calculator that will actually compare printing costs for 5 different online photo companies, and then show you the cheapest. It’s so simple to use, you just enter the number of 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 prints. Then you select delivery type - standard, expedited (1-2 days) or overnight, click “Find Best Price” and *Voila* - you’ll get a comparison chart with the winner in red. And the best part is, you can then just click on the company name and order your photos.

It’s awesome... give it a try here: http://www.PhotoCalc.com
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