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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Exercising Prevents Heart Problems by Alan Rosca
... It helps you lose weight or at least keep it under control. Not to mention that it gives you confidence in yourself, helps you fall asleep quickly, and may help against anxiety or depression. If you want to lose weight, you can be more active and eat the same amount of calories or be more active and eat fewer calories. Almost three-fourths of the energy burned daily comes from basic activities such as breathing, sleeping, or digesting. If you have more activities, you burn extra calories.

Weight Loss Tricks - 7 Simple Ideas by Simon Volk
... There are a couple of simple things you can do to help in the process of lossing weight. For the most part they are common sense and should be part of your daily routine even if you are not currently on a weight loss program. 1. Less Food Later in the Day Sometimes a diet is really not so much about what we eat, but when we eat. A large meal or extra helping of left over dessert right before bed is not a good idea. Your body is shutting down the metabolism when it goes to sleep so more of ...

Why Goal Setting Is Important For Weight Loss by Glenn Freiboth
... For a person weighting 200 lbs, the initial weight loss goal would be 10% x 200, or 20 lbs. Weight loss of greater than 10% can be achieved under medical supervision. * Long Term Goal Long term goals vary from person to person, and your clients will need your help to determine them. Clients should be targeted within the weight appropriate body mass index (BMI) range, which you can easily determine with a BMI calculator. * Establishing Realistic Goals Goals, which are set effectively, are ...

How to Get Past the Boredom of Exercise by Francine Larson
... Did you know that gardening lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and muscle tension. In fact, according to this article, just looking at a picture of a garden reduces stresses, heartache and losses in our life. This article, Grow Better, Feel Better, Garden Longer is by Karen York. She is the author of Holistic Garden: Creating Spaces for Health and Healing. Draw your own conclusions when you read: I realize I need to go out and pull up some more roots.

Are Weight Loss Supplements Right For You? by Tom Worsley
... Weight loss supplements actually regulate your blood sugar level, this helps you overcome severe sugar and carbohydrate cravings that sabotage even the most strong-willed weight loss efforts. So are weight loss nutrition supplements right for you? When my wife lost 40 pounds using supplements she felt great. She was happy and gained allot of self esteem back. Not to mention that she had allot more energy. If you have a hectic schedule and cannot find enough time in the day to prepare proper ...

A Foolproof Fat Loss Diet That Will Work For Everybody by Rusty Moore
... Remember a good fat loss diet is about creating a calorie deficit, so that should be your main focus. If you naturally like to eat many meals throughout the day, then eat 5-6 times per day. If you do better just eating 3-4 times per day, then setup your fat loss diet in that manner. A good fat loss diet is flexible, since people differ in their eating patterns. I do better if I stick to just 3 meals each day and I have been very successful at losing body fat.

Running for Fun and For Health by Eriani Doyel
... Running is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health as well as helping you to maintain a healthy weight. You can run a lot or a little. You can run inside or out. You can go running with other people or by yourself. Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Talk to a doctor or another qualified health professional before you start any type of running program. They will be able to help you assess your current fitness level and will give you guidelines for how much to exercise and ...

Only 10,000 Steps a Day Will Help You Lose Weight by Joey Dweck
... Experts have discovered that walking 10,000 steps a day can help you drop those unwanted pounds faster than just about any other method of weight loss. Walking will also help you keep the weight off for a longer period of time because it builds your muscles while keeping your heart at a fat-burning rate. Because it can seem to be a daunting task to walk 10,000 steps, it is important that you develop a strategy for meeting your daily quota. Here are three simple methods to help you reach ...

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