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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Gaining Weight After Quitting Smoking? by Alan Rosca
... Some of the following ideas can make you become more active: go for a walk more often, park the car further, get off the bus before it reaches your destination, use the stairs if they are well lit, or take some dance classes. To read the rest of this article, go to ProjectWeightLoss.com an online weight loss community featuring calorie counter, carbs counter, BMI calculator, diet planner, workout planner and nutritional information. (c) ProjectWeightLoss.com 2007.

Weight Loss: FAQ by Goran Maksic
... What because my weight loss web sites gain other esteem, I espy myself answering more and more emails with questions about various weight loss programs and spare diet tips. I have noticed that many of these questions about weight loss are very much the same to one another. Then, I have put together a list of the ten most frequently asked questions on diets and weight loss. 1. What is the best diet plan or weight loss program? My solution to this is simple…any diet that provides each and ...

The Diet Demons by Deborah Caruana
... As the dieting phenomenon grows, with a new "diet guru" announcing "THE SOLUTION" almost weekly, so do the waste lines of America expand. Obesity is now a strong and gaining second to cigarettes as a preventable cause of death or disease. The term diet seems to have taken on a whole new meaning, moving from panacea, and becoming more and more a pariah. What I’m going to do is reiterate some nutritional basics to try to demystify, some of the confusion out there.

Using Calories For Weight Loss by Gary Matthews
... The bottom line is to balance your caloric intake with the amount of calories that you are burning, that's the secret to successful dieting and weight maintenance. Becoming more conscious of counting calories in your everyday eating regime is imperative if you are trying to lose weight. Studies have shown that men and women "underestimate" their daily calorie consumption by 500 to almost 1000 calories. You can get a truer picture by keeping a seven-day eating plan of what you typically eat ...

Goal Setting for Weight Loss by Chyna Dolores
... Fad diets, such as the Cabbage Soup diet, do allow people to lose weight quickly but as the ‘new lifestyle’ is not something you can maintain for a long period of time, once you stop the weight piles back on. Generally, when you follow a restrictive diet like this, you lose not only fat but also muscle weight. When the weight comes back it returns as fat, making you look fatter than when you started. You need to aim for a weight loss between 0.5-1kg each week (which translates to about a ...

Fattening Foods: Not So Fattening After All? by Nathan Latvitis
... Therefore, it’s more likely that you’re going to go over your TDEE and gain weight, especially if much of your diet comes from fattening foods. In addition to this, fat is very similar chemically to the fat that your body stores. This makes it easy for your body to store consumed fat as fat (adipose tissue), but you must take into consideration that storing fat (consumed) as fat (adipose tissue) is not the only thing your body does with fat (consumed).

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... Special Diets There are many reasons why a dog might be put on a special diet. Some dogs are very sensitive to certain ingredients in commercial dog foods. Even if you're feeding her the best of premium dog food , if your dog isn't thriving, it's possible her diet is a problem for her. Owners have resorted to alternative diets -- holistic, raw foods, even kosher -- to optimize their pet's health. Some choose these diets simply because they believe they're better, not because their dog is ...

How to Calculate Your BMI by Ken Wilssens
... If you apply the BMI formula to calculate your body mass index and then measure the circumference of your waist, you will have a better indication of whether or not you need to lose weight. When you start to diet and lose weight, instead of constantly weighing yourself on the scales, you should take a measurement of your waist at regular intervals. When you lose weight through diet and exercise you will gain muscle, which will not produce any measurable changes in the BMI.

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