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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Your Way out of the Obesity Epidemic by Dave Pal
... • Helps you sleep better. In our endeavors we should not only target increasing physical activity but also target a decrease in sedentary behavior. Every two hours spent walking or standing at home cuts the risk of obesity around 10%. A brisk walk of an hour contributes to a drop in 24% risk. Reduce your total caloric intake and more specific the dietary fat to yield better results. Quick weight loss through weight loss surgery is bad weight loss solution.

Dump All That Fat You're Lugging Around! by Mike Cuggy
... there’s a fatcalculator; a carbohydrate calculator; a fiber calculator; a heart rate calculator and a Waist/Hip Ratio calculator. You avoid reading about personal fitness because you know you're far from fit and you'd rather not think about it thank you. You know all about Weight Watchers, eDiets, Atkins, and South Beach Diets. You've got books on the GI, low fat, low carb and blood type diets. And still you’re enormous! Hang on a minute. I think you’re missing a trick here somewhere, don’t ...

Aren't You Tired Of Being Fat? by Dan Curtis
... But remember, any weight you take off, even if you don’t get quite to your “ideal weight” is going to have tremendous benefits for your overall health and for your mental outlook. You are probably going to have some ups and downs; most people do. But don't let them throw you off. Learn what you need to know about what you eat, make a plan, and then keep your mind on your goal. The little slips, the little backslides, don't worry about these things.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI) by David Brooks
... 20 to 25 - you have a healthy weight range for young and middle-aged adults. 23 to 28 - you have a healthy weight range for older adults. 26 to 30 - you are mildly overweight. Over 30 - you are very overweight or obese. Some things to remember BMI does not differentiate between body fat and muscle mass. This means there are some exceptions to the rules: 1)Muscles - body builders and people who have a lot of muscle bulk will have a high BMI but are not overweight.

Spare Change and Calories - They All Add Up! by Sherry Frewerd
... Food journaling has opened my eyes not only to how my choices were preventing weight loss, but how easy it is to just pop quick snacks into my mouth rather than planning my meals for the day. I’ve also taken up another foreign concept…the art of exercise. Just like emptying the pig when it gets too full, I’m depositing extra calories everyday with some very much needed walking. At the end of your day, are you just dumping your spare change on the dresser, or do you keep count of how much ...

Lose Weight Through Losing Toxins by Ralph Morton
... Healthy Weight Loss Reality is that losing weight in a healthy way and learning how to to keep it off for years is not easy. It takes a new way of thinking. Are you ready? Be Active! But How? Being active is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. Check out the benefits of being active, how much activity is best for you, and get a few tips to be more active now. Copied from the American Diabetes Association web site As you can see 9 out of 10 of people are overweight when suffering from ...

Obesity in America -- The Growing Epidemic! by Shelley Hitz
... Find out if you are at risk for health disease using the health calculators at A number of factors, such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, genetics, and certain medical disorders, cause obesity, but it can be conquered. One major obstacle to being more physically active is motivation and accountability. Find a friend with similar fitness goals and begin a simple exercise program together. It takes time to see the results, but your health is worth it!

Postage Rates by Ross Bainbridge
... Postage rate calculators’, help in correctly calculating, the cost of mailing a letter or package. This can save a considerable amount of money over time, particularly for those who want to send packages and do not want to pay extra for postage. Manufactured postage meters are programmed with a chip with the prevailing postage rates, so any mailings done using that postage meter will calculate postage based on that set of rates.

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