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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Article written by Alice Erin

Versatility Personified - Nokia E65

The Nokia E65 phone wields the power of Third Generation technology. A range of inexhaustible features gear to flabbergast users. The slide open mechanism accommodates users needs by easing handset operability. The phone plies on the Symbian Operating System, which is based on S60 platform (3rd edition).

A host of features can be attributed to the Nokia E65 phone. The messaging facility is par excellence. It allows users to send customized Text and Multimedia messages to a single or myriad recipients using SMS and MMS Distribution Lists, respectively. It supports a variety of Email protocols such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, and IMAP4. This allows users to manage their personal and professional mails better. The mailing facility is laced with the attachment retrieval option.

The Nokia E65 phone has a multi-faceted Organiser. Its constituent elements cater to office needs. It has a calendar, note pad, phone book, alarm clock, to do list, calculator, timer, converter, one touch access keys, mute and conference call option, and a hands free speaker. Together they assist in office operations.

The Nokia E65 phone has a 2 mega pixel camera that can capture still images and video sequences. The Digital Zooming component allows you to include details in the images. Multi Shot concedes the chance to capture multiple shots of the same scene. It renders a user the chance to choose the best shot and eliminate others. The phone enables video calling and video streaming. It accords users opportunities to interact with dear ones and watch television shows on their mobile handsets.

The phone facilitates entertainment through nuanced music functionality and a variety of embedded, downloadable, Java, and other games.

The Quad-band Nokia E65 phone is characterized by versatility. It rivets attention by consistent performance.

Nokia E65
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