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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Article written by Andy J

UK Broadband Bandwidth Limits - 3 Essential Tips

Whatever type of broadband connection you have - ADSL, ADSL 2+, Cable, Wireless... providers will stipulate how much data you can transfer to and from your network.

Here are some essential tips for selecting a broadband service provider which gives you adequate bandwidth to use every month.

1. Calculate Your Bandwidth Usage. Are you a heavy broadband user? Or are you an infrequent user? What types of files to you download / upload to the Internet? Determining your usage pattern is essential for selecting the correct broadband package.

Lower end broadband packages tend to have lower data usage limits per month. Typically, if you download/upload more data per month, you'll need to upgrade to a higher-end package. Some broadband providers state 'no download restrictions' - this is the next tip...

2. 'No Download Limits' - What Do They Mean? Many UK broadband access providers state that 'no download limits apply', to their service. What this means is that you are free to transfer as much data up until your usage starts to affect the quality of their network.

Always read the ISP's terms of service and FAQs - find out exactly what they mean by 'no download limits'. Usually, there will be a clause in the service agreement which states that they can restrict your data usage or limit your usage during peak times. They could even terminate your service if you don't modify your usage patterns.

If you know you are a high bandwidth user - be very sure to find out how they deal with those with heavy bandwidth requirements. Most ISPs don't like you using excessive amounts of bandwidth during peak times - EG: 6 PM - 10 PM weekdays, 10 AM - 4 PM at Weekends.

3. Use A Bandwidth Calculator. You can make a guesstimate of your monthly broadband requirements, by using one of the many broadband bandwidth calculators available online.

Simply estimate how much of each activity you perform in a month - and you'll get an estimate of your usage, and a recommendation of the package you should choose.

Always make a decent guess of what monthly broadband download limits will meet your needs. If you've underestimated your requirements, no problem - your provider will likely contact you at some stage to suggest you upgrade to their most suitable package.
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