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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Article written by Patrick Connor

Top Pay Per Click Choices Part 3: The Search Continues

As I very well understand, looking for the right PPC search engine to launch your PPC campaign is a crucial task in your online business. As I have seen in many of my friends' online businesses, being at the right advertising channel (PPC search engine, that is) and being at the right position (search result ranking) are factors that can make or break the target sales you have set for your business. With various insights, I constantly get from my colleagues and friends who have been there and done that, I humbly share to you in this third installment what might be of great help for your business.

If you are looking for a PPC search engine that is easy to navigate, then I highly suggest the services of Search 123. The main thrust of Search 123 is the principle of *search engine marketing*. Search engine marketing or SEM is an umbrella concept that covers the areas of pay per click marketing, paid inclusions, and other search-engine based marketing stints. The SEM services of Search 123 aids publishers and advertisers in fully optimizing their online marketing strategies. Search 123 wants each and every click generated from a search engine to yield tangible results in terms of sales and revenues.

One component of Search 123's SEM solutions is the Search 123's PPC search engine, which started operations in October of 2000. It serves as the search engine services division of Value Click US Media. The firm is dedicated on catering to the needs of online publishers and advertisers. Search 123 does this by creating a real-time marketplace wherein publishers and advertisers can bid on keywords and leads commonly generated from the query results of associated websites. The Search 123 PPC search engine provides simple, user-friendly, and self-service interface through which advertisers can easily create their PPC campaigns.

The first good thing about Search 123's PPC search engine is its wide reach of networks. It gives advertisers the opportunity to tap on a wide range of potential online buyers and customers by providing good traffic flow and a well-established connection to a hundred-plus search engines, directories, and websites. Second noteworthy is the affordable rate of each click made. The cost per click in Search 123 is about 50%, at the very least, less than the services of giant search engines. With its very friendly rates, Search 123 PPC search engine can help you save up more and enjoy higher returns of investments. Another good feature of Search 123 is its advertiser services that are free of charge. With Search 123, you can start your account, research and expand your keywords, control your account, and get assistance with no costs at all. You will only start paying as soon as clicks are already generated. Fourth stellar feature of Search 123 is its real-time processing. You need not comply with waiting periods for listing your site, choosing keywords, setting bids, and managing your account. All these steps can be done in real-time scheme. Other winning features of Search 123 PPC search engine are the variable biding, spending limits, click quality monitoring, and user interface.

The second PPC search engine choice I will feature in this post is the SearchFeed. For customized, personalized online marketing campaigns, SearchFeed is a name trusted by many. Creating an online marketing campaign comes in great ease with SearchFeed's interface. The interface is easily comprehensible that navigating through it can be done in just a matter of few minutes. Starting a campaign from a total scratch is made easy with the several specialized tools and uploading currently running campaigns can be done with its Bulk Keyword Uploader. SearchFeed also comes with Change Bids Tool, Bid and Keyword Researcher, ROI calculator, and cost estimation tools. SearchFeed also has a SearchFeed Reports Tool that provides accurate updates on the performance of your campaign. With just an initial deposit of $25, keyword processing and submission processes can be done in just 48 hours.

If these two choices I featured here still don't match your needs, worry not, for I shall continue acquainting myself on other PPC search engine choices. Just give me some time to gather information and expect a part four of this saga.
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