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Monday, February 19, 2018
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The Corner Office, the Cubicle, and Starbucks by George F Franks III
... In the factories people repeated the same task over and over with many co-workers doing the same thing. People now had a home separate from their place of work. As industrialization matured, there was more and more paper work, administration and ultimately the advent of professional managers. In the last quarter of the twentieth century, as manufacturing began to recede, information workers came to the forefront with the rapid growth of technology in telecommunications, computers and ...

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - The Quick-Add - Part I by Joe Pagano
... That is 0 + 5 = 5; 0 + 4 = 4, etc.(From an addition perspective, I guess one could say that 1 is special in that adding 1 to any number is quite intuitive as we are only incrementing said number one unit: thus 8 + 1 = 9—you get the idea.) Now complements of a number are those numbers, which when added to the given number, yield a sum of 10. For example, the 10-complement of 8 is 2, since 8 + 2 = 10. The 10-complement of 3 is 7, since 3 + 7 = 10.

Does Your Financial Plan Belong in a Cartoon? by Neal Frankle
... Since the numbers will vary month to month, add the total for the 24 months and divide by 24. This will be the amount you spend every month on average. Higher than you thought, right? And don’t tell me that you’ll spend less when you retire. It’s not true. When you retire, you’ll have nothing but time on your hands. How do you think you’ll spend that time? By spending money, of course! You’ll travel and you’ll go out to eat more often. My friend, don’t assume you’ll be spending less.

How to Find Your Bra Size – a Teen Guide! by Chuck Gant
... The best thing to do is go into the changing room, and try on a number of different bras. Once you find a bra you like, jump around a little to see if the bra gives you the proper support, lean forward in the mirror to see if the cups keep your breasts where you want them to be. A new bra should fasten at the middle or last hook, because the material will stretch with wear. The best thing to remember is comfort; a bra that scratchy or tight will drive you crazy by the end of the ...

Make Money with No Money-When Will Opportunity Knock? by Jack Reynolds
... Spongy ideas about the power of the mind and working your faith and belief have there place. But its not what I mean. I have discovered that all you need is to choose, when you want to make money with no money. When I say no money, I mean not more then say a few hundred dollars. Everyone has access to this much at least if they were to discover how to compound it rapidly and effectively. Making money with no money, the thing to remember is that money is numerical in nature.

10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip by Fred Tittle
... 1 Calculator, Jodie Fosters character in Contact talks about numbers being the universal language that will probably be used to communicate with extra terrestrials, let me tell you it works great on this planet as well, from Bangkok to Beijing it is understood, say Casio in a market anywhere in the world, and the trader will know what you mean if you forget to bring yours. Recommended that you get the solar power ones so that you will never run out of batteries and they are more eco ...

10 Ways to Sell Expensive Affiliate Products and Make Huge Commissions by Anik Singal
... If you don’t believe this approach works, some of the greatest direct response copy of all time has taken it all the way to the bank. One fund-raising letter that generated millions for a bird-watching expedition stated: “It will cost you $10,000 and about 26 days of your time. Frankly, you will endure some discomfort, and may even face some danger.” #9 – Use a “false close” to create suspense. It’s a classic and it still works. Establish the value and desirability of your product without ...

Numerology and Oracles: The Tablets of Fate by Keith Abbott
... They can be in a square (Tablet of Venus), a circle (Tablet of the Moon), or a diamond shape (Tablet of Jupiter) so long as the area that encloses each number is roughly equal on the page. Then a table of Responses is prepared covering a range of possible answers. The "Tablets of Fate" call for 32 responses, 16 numbers with both an upright and a reversed meaning. You would seek your answer by placing the chart with the "Tablet" in front of you and turning it randomly to set it's direction, ...

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