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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Article written by Kenneth Williams

The Shocking Secret Behind Your Math Blocks

You're smart, witty and intelligent.

You've overcome many challenges in your life.

And yet, you can't do simple math sums in your head.

Ever wonder why not?

In this short article, you're going to discover the ONE reason you struggle with mental math.

And I promise you, it's NOT the reason you think it is.

You see, itís NOT your natural math ability, or the way you were born, or any of the other lame explanations you've been conditioned to believe.


The real reason you're not a calculating whiz kid is startlingly simple.

In fact itís right in front of your eyes as you read these words now. And yet itís been hidden from you all your life.

To understand it, you need to take a moment and cast your mind back to your schooldays...

Imagine yourself in the math class, writing an addition sum into your little notebook. Something like this:

245 +

Doing what you were taught, you take your pencil and first add up the units... (5 plus 1)

Then you add up the tens... (4 plus 3)

You do the same with the hundreds... (2 plus 6)

And finally you have your complete answer.

That's what you were taught. And that's how you do math:

Units... Tens... Hundreds... Thousands... etc...

Except... now there's a problem.

Because the way you were taught to do math on paper was suicidal to your ability to do math in your head.

Do you know why?

Because you were taught how to do math... BACKWARDS.

You were taught math back-to-front: from right-to- left.

Think about it. When you read a number, how do you do it?

Take a look at this number and read it out:


What did you say to yourself when you saw it?

You probably said "One Hundred and Twenty Three". Or "One Two Three".

Whatever you said, I'll bet you didn't say... "Uhm, 3 units, and then 2 tens that makes twenty, and then 1 hundreds..."

The fact is, your mind processes numbers from left to right. (The same way you're reading these words now.) But the "school" part of your brain is trying to process them in the opposite direction.

Are you beginning to see why you struggle to do calculations in your head? Quite simply...


What would happen if you were taught to drive a car the same way you were taught to do math?

- Your neck would ache from the strain of constantly looking over your shoulder.

- You'd never go anywhere fast. And...

- You'd be a danger to everyone else on the road!

Pretty soon you'd give up driving completely, and settle for public transport.

Just like the day you gave up trying to calculate in your head... and settled for a lifetime of calculator dependency.

Want to know another shocking secret?

If you have kids in school or college, you can guarantee their brains are stuck in reverse gear too.


Because the education establishment doesn't like rapid change. It prefers the traditional "Tried & Tested" approach.

Unfortunately, as you know, the traditional approach doesn't always work.

(If it did, why are there an estimated two million people suffering from 'math phobia' in the United States alone?

And that's not including the millions more who could dramatically improve their math ability just by changing their approach.)

Letís look at that little addition sum again:

245 +

This is easy to do from left to right:

You add 2 and 6 to get 8.

You add 4 and 3 to get 7.

And you add 5 and 1 to get 6.

The answer is 876.

Simple, isn't it?

Look, if you learn nothing else about math... start calculating from left to right.

With just a little practice you'll "read off" the correct answer every time.

And you'll wonder why you missed the secret of mental math for so long.
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