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Friday, February 23, 2018
Article written by Donny Lowy

Term Life Insurance Information Sources

Term life insurance is a straight forward product with one direct and many indirect benefits. Although most people understand the basic idea of life insurance they stand frozen in indecision, and avoid purchasing a policy out of lack of knowldege.

People need guidance, and especially when it comes to purchasing term life insurance they can use a little more help.

Luckily the Internet has made available ample information sources for people considering life insurance. Below are the some great information sources for people looking for term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Source #1

Life Line is an industry sponsored site that offers educational information on life insurance. The site offers detailed information compiled by insurance professionals paid by the insurance industry.

Term Life Insurance Source #2

Lifeinsurance.net is a privately run insurance site. It offers a detailed explanation on term life insurance and other life insurance options. A handy calculator can help you calculate your insurance needs.

Term Life Insurance Source #3

Lifeinsure.com offers live links to help visitors work through the insurance process. A user can read articles on insurance and click on key words to read more on a subject. For example an article on term life insurance might have the word premium highlighted as a live link. A user can click on the word and be taken to a page providing a detailed explanation on what a premium is.

Term Life Insurance Source #4

Your local library. Libraries can be a great source for life insurance information. They have books that have been approved by librarians for their content. While many of the books might have basic explanations, they will also eliminate many get rich quick style books.

Term Life Insurance Source #5

Financial planner. A certified financial planner is a great source of information and professional guidance. He can make recommendations based on your personal situation. Opt for a financial planner who is compensated by you and not the insurance company. If he receives a commission from the insurance company he might be swayed towards recommending an insurance product based on his potential commission.

Term Life Insurance Source #6

Search engines. Search online and you will see thousands of sites that offer free information, along with free term life insurance quotes. Spend the time analyzing and comparing term life policies and obtaining quotes, you will be surprised at the differences in terms and prices.
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