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Thursday, March 22, 2018
Article written by Jim Meisenheimer

Technology Tips To Make Life Easier

I'm feeling good. Actually I'm feeling great.

My three weeks of dealing with neurotic computer systems had a happy ending.

I'll briefly explain - but first a sidebar.

In my last newsletter, When Your Stress Meter Makes You Want To Scream, I recapped my frustration with the technology stuff I was dealing with.

Since this letter is dedicated to No-Brainer Selling Tips I shared four tips on how to handle stressful situations. Obviously, selling can be stressful.

So what happens - I got dozens of e-mails from you. All but one shared similar experiences, words of encouragement, and some of you even said you changed your plans to buy a new Dell computer.

But one angry dude sent an e-mail saying he didn't want to hear about my computer - he wanted selling tips. He was so angry it made me angry. Sorry, but I can't stand being associated in any way with negative people. So I attempted to delete him from my list. He's not even a subscriber.

Life is too short to be negative. That's a simple truth. Many of you know my background, but in case you don't. My first wife Louise died battling cancer in 1982. My brother John lost his battle with brain cancer in 1994. My brother Ray, a NYC firefighter, was killed September 11, 2001. I'm a diabetic taking four shots of insulin a day, and a good friend has a battle with liver cancer. Think about all the people who lost everything from Hurricane Katrina.

I have no time and zero tolerance for negative behaviors in people - and excuse me neither should you! Life is fragile and it's too short to be spewing negativity.

Send me all the e-mails you want, and I do try to respond to all of them, just make them positive - even if you want to complain about something.

Your life will change forever as soon as you think positive thoughts, use positive words, and do positive things.

Now ...........as I was saying.

I thought I would share some technology tips with you. I hope you find them useful and helpful.

When you order a Dell computer and it doesn't work you can ship it back - I oughta know because that's exactly what I did. Then I ordered another one. Skip the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Once they go you're fried.

Now this is a big tip especially if you have just ordered a new computer. My second new Dell developed a case of the hiccups - soon after we plugged it in. Long story made short and after two hours of troubleshooting we discovered the problem was vaporized as soon as we un-installed Norton AntiVirus 2005. My computer consultant reloaded a more friendly Norton 2003.

My new system is working very well now. I'd like to share some website addresses that may help you in your business.

Here are 11 sites and a Windows XP tip.

www.connected.com - for a small fee you can have complete peace of mind. Every day they will download all new and all changed files.

www.Maps.Google.com - seems a lot quicker than mapquest.com.

www.ToolBar.Google.com - you gotta have this tool bar.

www.Desktop.Google.com - allows you to search your desktop using Google technology.

www.PCToday.com - a great site for technical support.

www.microsoft.com/downloads - check out their antispyware.

www.support.microsoft.com - get all the support you need.

www.alexa.com - download their tool bar and you can see rankings for sites you visit.

Use this link if you want to try a talking search engine. It's pretty amazing. www.speegle.co.uk.

www.martindalecenter.com - 20,000 calculators to compute almost anything.

www.zoominfo.com - people information summarized.

If you're using Windows XP and want to eliminate the messages asking if you want to transmit an incident report go to your control panel, click on system and then Advanced Tab, then Error Reporting button then select Disable Reporting Button.

One more thing. Jerry Rice said adios to the NFL this week. He leaves with 38 NFL records.

Apparently he was a "slave to details." A master of precision. He was one of the good guys on and off the playing field. He was also a workout fanatic.

Jerry Rice was the ultimate professional for 20 seasons.

How about you?

How do you measure up to other sales professionals in your industry.

How many industry sales records do you own?

If you would like to run for the GOLD and learn how to become the BEST you can become - please keep reading.

If you're an EMERIL kind of person and interested in "Kicking it up a notch," take a look at my October 5-6 Advanced Selling Skills Boot Camp. New topics and exercises to help you take your business to the next level.

See complete details along with 9 special bonuses here: http://meisenheimer.com/sales_training/sales_bootcamps.shtml

Let's go sell something . . .
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