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Monday, April 23, 2018
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5 Unique Ways To Get More Free Traffic by Darren Power
... Or why not barter an ad for a mention to your mailing list. A lot of smaller sites have trouble selling their ad space, but these same sites still have respectable traffic flows. #5 - The last free traffic tip is probably the hardest to pull off but also the most regarding. The strategy is to offer something of real value for free. If you use Adwords you no doubt know about Mikes Marketing Tools where you will find a 'keyword wrapper'. Or if you are into natural search engine traffic ...

The Fortune Is In the Follow Up by Mikael Karlsson
... TWO MAILING LISTS Personally, I have a list of some 50 photobuyers that I know are constantly looking for the kind of photos I make. These people get emails from me quite often with news about what I have to offer. I have another list of about 300 photobuyers that I know occasionally need my kind of images, and the people on this list get an email once every quarter or when I have made a major change on my site. Be sure to mention your upcoming travel, both foreign and domestic!

Best Cell Phones - Cell Phone Shopping 101 by Samantha Goode
... Sony – Some of the highlights that you can expect from this manufacturer include a x4 zoom digital camera, video camera, PC synchronization, instant messaging, wireless multi-player gaming, modem capability, e-mail, picture caller ID, hands-free dialing, multiple language capability, voice memo, to-do list, mobile web browsing, streaming multimedia viewing capability, customizable faceplates, graphics, themes and a great deal more. Blackberry – This specialized line of cell phones offers ...

Could Your Area Support Another Local Newspaper? by Jim Sutton
... List the businesses you want to give special attention to, the groups of potential readers you especially want to target. Write down the primary goals of your newspaper of other publication. What do you want to accomplish besides making a living? Are there large gaps in the coverage and local representation offered by other publications? Can you see a way of marketing/selling your paper to advertisers that will help them to see the immediate benefit to advertising with you?

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... has chosen the most popular channels and listed them on the Channel Menu, each channel offering an abundant amount of information provided by AOL Canada Inc. and their partners on that particular topic (33). Homepage of AOL Canada AOL Canada’s homepage presents a variety of features to make search and web surfing easier for its users. Some features presented on its main page are: a sign in for AOL instant messenger, mail, parental control, reminders and calendar etc.

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... Then she thinks about the specials she will offer to her newsletter list and the ads that she’ll create for the advertising lists, networks and forums that she’s on. The process is repeated with each month and each promotional period that she’s set throughout the calendar year. Step Five: Making it happen Using a PDA or a planner system, putting specific tasks and deadlines through the calendar year can help keep everything on track throughout the year.