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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Talking Gadgets For The Visually Impaired - Simplifying Life by Anmol Taneja
... Starting from having to tell the time of day, talking wrist watch and clocks are giving the Braille watches a back seat. Talking watches are much more convenient for the visually impaired as they can tell the time at the touch of a button and do not need to have the operator go through extensive training. In the same league are the talking calculators and the currency note readers. These two gizmos really prevent the visually impaired from being cheated by some unscrupulous persons.

The Magical State of Captivation by Vincent Harris
... You ask, “Now, what on earth could this debate have to do with why I’m here today?” You then tell them, “As I talk to you today, you’ll become aware of the correlations between X and the global warming debate. What is the connection? That’s up to you to create, and it’s a rather simple task, one that I’ll be covering in a future article. The point is, they’ll be curious as the dickens about how the two are connected, and will be listening attentively as they try to connect the dots.

Putting it All Together: The search for a Pocket PC Phone by Michael A. Keenan
... I’m talking about the full blown, “why are you talking into your calculator?” Pocket PC phones – the uber-geek, pocket protector included kind of micro computer powerhouse. After all, I’m married now and I’m really not worried about public opinion or impressing anyone with my sleek, stylish, sexy new cell phone. I’m hoping to spend around $300.00. I figure I can sell my iPAQ 2215 on eBAY for $200.00 and $100.00 for a new phone seems like a pretty good deal.

Proper Dining Etiquette when out on a Date with Women by Don Diebel
... Nothing is more unsightly than watching someone talk and chew their food at the same time. Should you order for your date? If you are at a classy restaurant, you should order for your date. Ask her in advance what she wants and when the waiter or waitress comes, order for her. This makes a good impression on women. When eating insert your fork straight in your mouth. Do not place your fork in the side of your mouth. This increases the chances of you dropping your food on your table and ...

Technology Has Not Forgotten The Visually Impaired – Gadgets Are Made To Help Visually Impaired by Anmol Taneja
... Apart from these high-tech gadgets for the visually impaired there are the day-to-day cooking gadgets such as the talking thermometer that can set off an alarm when the temperature of the food is just right or the measuring cups that do the same when the right level has been reached and our visually impaired friends have found companions in the elderly who like to share the gadgets that have been designed especially for themselves.

Working At Home With Toddlers by Elaine K. Stephen
... If you are interacting with your child while he watches his shows don‘t worry the TV is not being a babysitter! 5. Playing Work With Mommy Sometimes your toddler will just have to be involved with Mommy and her work, Create a toddler work area that is very similar to yours. An inexpensive child table and chairs, an old or toy telephone, calculator, inexpensive children’s learning PC, the unused back side of discarded work papers, color pens and pencils.

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... “Uncle Brad, you’re sesquipedalian!” Laurel shouted into the phone one day when we talked. My six-year-old niece had stumped me with that word. I was totally surprised by it. I marveled at how fast blonde-haired Laurel, the oldest of the children, was learning. “It means you like to use big words,” she informed me. “Oh,” I replied, smiling. Big words are my hobby. I started trying to expand my vocabulary after being hit by a drunk driver. After being unconscious, I felt mentally cloudy and ...

Top 10 Tips When Buying Pre-paid Calling Cards by Candice Pimentel
... Heaven forbid if you decide to dial international number and call your parents or loved ones overseas, you will realize that your talk time is speedy talk time so that you can finish your conversation. Mind boggling plans and more plans: As soon as a pre-paid calling card is chosen, the next dilemma will be, which plan to choose. It is so hard to understand the perks for each plan. There are double or triple plans, night plans, day plans, weekend plans and even unlimited plans.

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