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Monday, February 19, 2018
Article written by Keith Rickwood

Stunning Looks, User-friendly Features

Sleek and stylish looks of the Motorola V3i RAZR makes a distinct first impression on end-users and demands a second glance. And why should it not? This elegant model, with its precision engineered exterior and perfect finish, is quite a stunner in its own sharp way. Moreover, the superlative looks of the Motorola V3i is complemented with a range of highly sophisticated features another fact which goes in its favor.

There are two color screens in this feature rich and slim mobile phone model from Motorola a fact which adds to its visual appeal. The handset can be activated through voice commands, which is speaker independent. There is an integrated music player indispensable for listening to music on the move. While enjoying music, one need not worry about missing important calls easy switching between music and phone calls is possible using a mini USB stereo headset. Moreover, removable media cards can be used to store new and the latest chartbusters and update playlists from time to time.

There is a 1.23 megapixel digital camera with 8x digital zoom and capabilities for video recording and playback. The sophisticated imaging options of the Motorola V3i can be used to play MPEG4 video clips. With quad-band global GSM coverage, connectivity is quite comprehensive.

One could send MMS; EMS; SMS and instant messages and convey unsaid thoughts with ease. The Motorola V3i supports SMS chat, a feature which holds it in good stead among young people. Other lifestyle features of this handset include a calculator, a currency converter, date and clock, alarm and PIM functionality.

This Bluetooth compatible mobile phone can be used for peer-to-peer gaming within a distance of 100 meters. However, this feature of the Motorola V3i is dependent upon the specific services of the particular network operator.

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