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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Resell Rights: The Quickest Way To Your Own Online Business by Stephen P Smith
... To make money you must research the market and learn what customers want and need to buy. Doing so will allow you to obtain the resell rights to a product that will be in high demand, and which will bring you correspondingly high sales and profits. Luckily this is not at all difficult do, although you will need to set aside a little time. If you balk at this, just remember that once you have your hot-selling product online you’re well on the way to a lifestyle that the vast majority of ...

How To Turn A Major Blunder At Work Into A Career Advancement Opportunity by Tayo Solagbade
... No matter how sensational your failure or mistake is, you can pick yourself back up, and try again and again, more intelligently each time, till you succeed. Let them laugh if they want - it would not be the first time people who eventually achieve phenomenal success get laughed at before they succeed! There is a part of the lyrics of England’s Manchester United Football club’s marching song(“Stand Up For The Champion”) that I love so much. It goes thus: “ When I fall down, I have to pick ...

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... "What you are really doing is buying time" It follows that if you are buying time by increasing the compounder that there is a cost associated (if we buy anything it means we are paying a price for it) what exactly is the price that is being paid in exchange for the speed/increased compounder? RISK! (the financial advisor brigade unexpectedly chime in all at once, except for a slow one that whimpers "risk" too late.) NO! WRONG. (All financial advisors must take a pay cut for being wrong.) ...

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