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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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HTML And It's Ups And Downs by Craig Raphael
... Starting out online , cutting costs and saving time is something you should be doing! 1. Don't be discouraged if you DON'T know HTMLWhen I first thought about having an online business , the first question that came to mind was whether or not I can "fake" my way through building my site. Not having the money to pay a webmaster , I was forced to HAVE to figure it out. I soon realized that nowadays , you don't have to know HTML or anything. There are tons of tutorials you can follow but most ...

Retirement May Not Look Great to Some by Martin Lukac
... If you question whether or not you should start saving right now, find a retirement or investment savings calculator and plug in numbers. Figure out how much you could have in thirty years, twenty years and ten years. Chances are, you will be shocked by the difference between ten years of savings and thirty years. My husband and I started saving an nominal amount about a decade ago. At an average rate of growth, we will have a lot of money when we reach retirement.

Get Wealthy With the Rule of 72 by Vincent Moloney MD
... to save and also that younger people usual have lower earnings power and incomes. I'm trying to make the point that to whatever extent you can follow this start-early concept it will pay off handsomely by the time you reach retirement. Albert Einstein wrote that he believed the most marvelous thing in the universe was compound interest. You can put it to work and double or triple your retirement savings. Save as much as you can, save regularly but most of all start as EARLY as possible.

Save a Bundle When You Self Bundle by Daymon Hoag
... What you'll save in a year paints a whole new picture and is probably worth taking 5 extra minutes each month to pay a couple bills separately. That's an hour a year for those with their calculators out. Why let the local cable or telephone companies decide what features you get with your bundle ? You're paying for it. You should choose exactly what you want, and what works best for you. When you self bundle your elective utilities you'll not only save a few dollars, but get what you want too.

Retire Rich with Retirement Planning Calculator by Vichuda Asavamongkolpan
... As you start to think of the saving, we then begin doing our calculation such as how much money do we really need during our retirement years. As we are living longer, we need at least 20 years of income to cover our expenses, With working life gone out and having only free time to do whatever we want to do, we may then have to think of how should we live our retirement life when we stop having income coming in. We all want to have the financial freedom to pursue our retirement dream so ...

Notable Notes - Study Tips for the Struggling Students by Brian Shannon
... (Don't get me started on the textbook) A successful semester starts at the beginning with good note taking. I thought it was time to share a little about note taking, then, before it is too late. Good note taking starts before you ever sit down in your first class. It starts with how you organize your notebooks for your different classes. You don't have to be uptight in your approach to organizing, but you should have a system. Sit down beforehand and label your notebooks (one for each ...

3 Ways To Do More With Less Time by Yolanda Facio
... The amount of time I save by using a calculator instead of figuring in my head is enormous…. Using lists is very much the same. By removing the "think" time you streamline processes and save brain energy for more important things. I have a grocery list prepared in Excel, I print it off before I head to the store and buy only what I need. No time wasted wandering the aisles. I have a checklist for updating my weblog and writing my newsletter. I have templates for the newsletter and I have ...

Guaranteed Hits, Guaranteed Visitors - Don't Waste Your Time by Paul D Johnson
... If you're anything like me, your mouth starts to water and your mind starts spinning at the possibilites! Then, the calculator comes out "Let's see, if I purchase 100,000 hits for $69.99, and my new affiliate program pays me $20.00 that means if ONLY .1% purchse the product, I'll make $2000, which is $1930.01 in PROFIT! Woo Hoo! I'm gonna be R-I-C-H!" Wrong. If you're new to internet or affiliate marketing, don't fall for the hype. You're not going to find any successful marketers using ...

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