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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Does Your Site Have Link Value? by Ken McGaffin
... * Create a range of fresh material that addresses customer needs in the form of articles, hints and tips, special reports. This material should be carefully aligned with your target audiences - you should have link worthy material for each of your important target markets. * Create attention-grabbing, interactive functions or microsites on the lines of the examples we gave earlier. To carry these off effectively takes a reasonable investment in time and money but the long-term rewards in ...

Technology Tips To Make Life Easier by Jim Meisenheimer
... If you're using Windows XP and want to eliminate the messages asking if you want to transmit an incident report go to your control panel, click on system and then Advanced Tab, then Error Reporting button then select Disable Reporting Button. One more thing. Jerry Rice said adios to the NFL this week. He leaves with 38 NFL records. Apparently he was a "slave to details." A master of precision. He was one of the good guys on and off the playing field.

Lose a Laptop or PDA? You Get Your Stuff Back with Property ID Asset Tags by Mike Valentine
... Baig mentioned in his column that it was the least expensive things that were never reported or returned - a CD case full of music and a calculator. If this trend takes hold and becomes popular in the consumer market, it will mirror a concept long used by corporate, government and military organizations. Those large companies, educational institutions, governments and the department of defense have long put asset tags on property over a specified dollar value.

Child Support Calculators by Kevin Stith
... Each state has a specific formula for child support calculations. There are Web sites that offer child support calculators you can use to come up with estimates of the amount of child support required based on the information that you enter and on the particular guidelines used in your state. These calculators provide you with a step-by-step procedure for determining the amount and at the same time provide you with monthly reports regarding arrears on payments.

How To Find Discount Realty Services by B Shelton
... While the 'standard' commission is often reported as 6% to 7% of your home's selling price, the actual commission paid by buyers is often much less. There are a number of different ways of finding discount realty savings, or working with discount Realtors. One of the handiest little tools that I've found on the Internet is the Commission Calculator at Simply enter the estimated selling price of your home, choose the state that you live in, and submit.

Lead Generation Sins - 7 Of Them! by Daniel A. Levis
... Things like newsletters, courseware, special reports, offers, tutorials, and the like. When you continually spoon feed your prospects information that is genuinely useful to them, and that helps them to better understand the implications of the problem that you can help them to solve, they’ll call you when they’re ready. Selling “Product” Too Early If you want to really stand out from the crowd, and turn your lead generation hopper into the horn of plenty, don’t sell your product too soon.

Wedding Planning: Benefits of Online Wedding RSVPs by Jennifer Benson
... 11) Special Messages - Wedding guests can also submit their well-wishes to you when entering their RSVPs online. 12) Accurate Totals - Put your calculator away! Online wedding RSVP systems pull live totals so you can view accurate summaries and always know what your guest count is for "accept" and "decline" responses. Top 2 Benefits of Receiving your Wedding RSVPs Online: 1) Eliminate the need to purchase return postage and RSVP cards. 2) No more worries about lost or delayed RSVP cards in ...

A Website for Your Small Business: How to Get One in Nine Steps by Kelly Biedny
... Post various community activities your small business is involved with, change your specials on a monthly basis, make your home page a blog…whatever is appropriate for what you do. That's it! You've just covered the basics on how any small business can get a website (or a more effective one). It takes a bit of work and planning, but in the end, if you do it right, it's definitely worth it. So, get started. Get out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming--how can the web help YOUR small ...

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