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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Designing Technology: Making the Leap by Jamie Monberg
... The pieces are out there, we just need to put them together. Instead of viewing technology as something to design around, we should design with it, engaging technology not as a mechanic uses tools, but as an artist uses paint. Interacting with technology shouldnít be taxing for the useróit should be fluid and intuitive. Good print design communicates ideas this way; doing the same in technology design requires but one courageous tweak in the way we embrace the medium.

Software - Turbo Tax by Michael Russell
... Actually, if you combine Turbo Tax with another piece of software called Quicken, you can have your taxes done for you with almost no input from you at all. But for those who still collect their strips of paper with their expenses and still have W2 forms and 1099 forms sent to them, Turbo Tax can still save you a lot of time, not only in doing your return but also in filing it. The biggest advantage of doing your taxes with Turbo Tax is that all the calculations are done for you, as opposed ...

Home Business Tax And Start Up Tips by James Mack
... On the SBAs site, you will find a calculator to show you just how much start up capital you will need, how to create a winning business plan, how to keep your books, free downloads of software, how to file taxes and for tax information, tips on running a business, tips on business set up, and links to other great sites that can help you find just the right specific online business training that you might need to get on your feet without shelling out a mint.

An Accountant Supply List by Rebecca Game
... Some software accountant supply packages, such as Peachtree by Sage, offer areas of accounting software specialty as well, such as accounting for construction, accounting for distribution, accounting for manufacturing, and accounting for nonprofit organizations. Therefore, as with a computer purchase, get several opinions from various sources in order to make the most educated purchase for your accounting businesss. Other Supplies Once a computer system and software package is installed, ...

Google Is Not Only A Search Engine! by Walter Vandenhoute
... - Google Deskbar lets you search with Google right from your Windows taskbar - Google Toolbar is the open-source Googlebar for your browser - Search your own computer with Google Desktop - Picasa is free software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC: - Google Video Viewer is needed for Google Video ++ Google Labs ++ Google labs showcases a few of our favorite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time - - Google Personalized Search: Get ...

Gucci Lady, Flight Attendants, And My Three New Friends by Rich DiGirolamo
... Software and computer glitches have led to heads rolling in corporations. Heck, if the network is down we forget there are these tools called paper, ink, calculators and dictionaries. We complain about organizational change. We get pissed waiting in line for our $4 cup of coffee. I can go on and on here. But then I think about three guys who are thrilled to eat PB&J and Turkey Necks in exchange for being alive. I know three guys who were sharing two hammers, one drill, one screwdriver, one ...

Basic Technology History by Tyler D Falls
... Some Things You Can Do On A PDA:Get a Wireless Connection Surf the Web Play Music and Video Files Watch movies Using PocketTV Play a Game Use Your Pocket PC as a backup device Update Office Documents Download and read E-books Listen to Audio Books Connect to Windows servers using Terminal Services Use Messenger Tools Change the theme of your Pocket PC Project the Pocket PC screen onto your desktop Study Do Your TaxesSome PDA Software:Medical/Drug Resources PDA Software ...

Are You Where You Want To Be? 5 Steps To Help You Get There by Sandra Martini
... Now I start with all my expenses, including salary, income taxes, advertising, software, supplies, training, etc. and determine how much revenue I need to generate to cover all my expenses plus a profit. This calculation helps to determine the minimum number of profit generating days I need to figure in for estimating my time and efforts. If your financial records are a mess, now is the time to straighten them out. If you canít do it yourself, get help, this is one area that you canít skip!

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