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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Ten Things You Can Do on Most Cellphones by Varun Krishnan
... 7.Message ReportsVery often you will need to know if the SMS you sent has been delivered to the intended receipient.Reports are a feature that can help you.If you have activated reports in your message settings then it will indicate if message delivered, pending or failed. 8.ProfilesIt might be annoying if your phone screams when you are in a meeting.Profiles can help you manage how your phone behaves. examples are silent,loud,meeting etc. 9.ClockThese days i dont wear a watch because i see ...

The Wonderful Future of Cell Phones by Amit Laufer
... (Text-messaging phones also can receive messages sent over the Internet from a PC.) Companies including UPOC (Universal Point of Contact) and SMS.ac allow users to fill out a profile as they would at any dating service (some dating sites are dabbling with texting) and then search for an ideal match. Profiles can include photos and can be accessed either with a picture-enabled cell phone or through a PC. Say you want to meet a 20- to 30-year-old man in Orlando who is interested in hiking.

Mobile Phone Features by Keith Rickwood
... The next admired feature is sending SMS or text messages which are most widely used. SMS are usually sent when due to any reason you cannot call a person. You can also send a particular message to all the phone numbers in a group. The call register feature has a track of all the calls like missed calls, received calls and dialled calls with time and date. So you no longer have to search for these calls. This feature lets you can also track how much you talk on the phone.

Nokia 2610 – Gets you Started by Keith Rickwood
... The built in Java MIDP 2.0 ensures that you can download Java games and other such applications to the phone if you want. Send voice messages through Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, text in all major European and Asia-Pacific languages, add sound and colours with MMS, send emails or instant messages – the Nokia 2610 gives you more than enough ways of talking to the world. In today's standards, the Nokia 2610 don't do much, but it excels in whatever it is designed to do.

Is It Really Progress by Fran Watson
... Oh my gosh….how did we do it before MSN and webchat or text messages? What happened to just taking some time to spend together instead of trying to fit in a quick note on our cell phones as we do something else. Technology has improved our lives in many ways, but it has also been damaging to our way of life. People who have gone from dial-up to high speed forget how grateful they were to even have dial-up when they started working on their computers.

How To Lose £15000 (minimum) In 30 Seconds Or Less! by Stephen Thompson
... Even if you used a credible company that offers a worthwhile guarantee you will now have to go through the exercise again and either spend the same or more (if you have got the message by now) to get a proper job done by somebody else. Or you will go through a rewriting exercise with the same company that provided the weak CV or Resume in the first place. In the meantime, of course, the 'ideal' job you were chasing originally has probably already gone.

Enjoy Music, As You Like by Keith Rickwood
... There are other useful features, which would keep you well organised. You can make the maximum use of these valuable features, which include a calendar with reminders, calculator, phonebook with contact details, notes, stopwatch and alarm clock etc. Stay connected meaningfully with your loved ones by using the messaging features, which include MMS, SMS, and instant messaging. Enter the thrilling world of music and do other important things with the Nokia 5200 .

Free Tip for Cell Phone Manufacturers – Give Us Less and Not More by Douglas Hanna
... While it won't take pictures, I think it will do text messaging. It also has an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, count-down timer, stop watch, voice navigation, a voice memo capability and goodness knows what else. These features all sound great, except I don't care because I don't use any of them. How about a cell phone with a few helpful features and a simple, easy-to-use menu? What I would like is a simple, easy-to-use phone with a few nice features.

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