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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Dashboard Widgets for Windows by Samsul Zamzuri Abu Bakar
... Listed below, few popular widgets that has being ported to windows. 1. Dashboard Weather Here is my first Konfabulator Widget. After seeing a preview of Tiger (particularly Dashboard), reading about a alternative for Windows (Konfabulator) and seeing the great work of Saladin and Ghostwalker, I decided to make my own contribution. So here it is, the konfab clone of the weather widget. 2. World Clock World Clock Dashboard for Konfabulator. Based on the Konfabulator WorldClock Pro by Ricky. 3.

3 Easy Ways To Brand Your Small Business Name by Adam K
... If you can’t tell the world about your small business, at least tell your neighbor. Look at your local market first. For the cost of putting your name in front of every person in the state, you could get your name in front of everyone in your town dozens of times, and repetition is the key. No one remembers the things they hear once; everyone remembers something repeated every day. For the cost of one super bowl commercial, your businesses commercial could be played 20 times a day, for a ...

Who Doesn't Have a Cell Phone? by Fashun Smith
... and don't want to use your cell phone until they're renewed—just forward the calls to a number at which you can be reached. Feeling more comfortable with cell phones now, are you? In a world where cell phone use is proliferating at such a fast rate, you better get buckled and ready for the ride. Within a few months, cell phones will likely be even smaller, even more convenient, allowing you to download music and tv shows like an ipod. Nothing's going to stop the cell phone revolution.

The Future of Intenet Technology by Holly Odom
... With the advent of the new information technology, these countries are no longer able to compete, because the first world countries currently start to drastically minimize costs and compete with the third world countries (Stephenson, 90). Such difference in the technological divide that currently exists in the world makes the richer countries even richer while the poor countries even poorer. The children are not able to learn as productively as they could have should their schools or homes ...

LG Chocolate Pink: the Pink Candy Bar by Alice Erin
... Other basics include its weight just only 83 g, a voice recorder, all type of messaging, an alarm clock, a calculator, a unit converter, a world clock, a calendar, and a memo pad. As for high-end features, there's Bluetooth, GPRS, 1.3 MP, 1280 x 960 pixels Camera, e-mail, and USB data storage and transfer capability, and you can use the phone as a modem. The LG Chocolate Pink 's music player is serviceable but nothing fancy. The MP3 player in the LG Chocolate Pink looks great with ...

LG CU500: Stylish Mobility Comes in Small Packages by Elizabeth Wills
... Other basic features include a vibrate or silent mode, a speakerphone, support for stereo Bluetooth, text and multimedia messaging, a voice recorder, instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ), a wireless Web browser, an alarm clock, a calendar, a notepad, a calculator, a world clock, and a to-do list. It also comes with Micro SD card slot. The CU500 is a quad-band GSM phone, which means you can use it almost anywhere in the world. The CU500 offers personalization options and you can ...

Make Money With No Investment - How To Make Little Money Into Big Money by Jack Reynolds
... From computer to antique dish, from dish to grandfather clock, from clock to cheap car. From car to dearer car. From dearer car to a deposit on a small parcel of land. From a small parcel to a larger parcel that can be subdivided and so on. Using leverage (borrowed money) your returns can be huge, easily 200% per month or more. This is about hands on control of your seed capital. This is how wealth is created. At the high end of town, investment objects are traded commonly to increase ...

10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip by Fred Tittle
... 2 Alarm clock, been to many times that the morning call was missed in small hotels & guesthouses, also you can sleep in airports, train stations and bus stations and you will never miss your connection. If you bring an air mattress and beach ball (I bet you though I carry them for the pool) for the occasions of late flights and cancelled trains. Yes everyone else will be jealous of you especially if you snore like a bear! 3 Compass, walking around town it will get you headed back in the ...

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