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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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How to Select A Hard Drive For Your PC by Peter Dobler
... The smaller, standard size is the size of a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive. The larger type is the size of a CD ROM drive. Larger drives tend to cost less, but most computers have enough slots for smaller, standard drives and most computer users consider them a little more preferable. Speed is used to describe the revolution speed of the spinning hard drive. The faster the better of course, but check out the price difference when going from a relatively slow hard drive to a faster drive and see ...

Chewing Gum Battery Concept; Future Innovation by Lance Winslow
... Maybe a tiny light too or running a LCD or LED device such as a computer chip for something? Or an ELT communication device? Or a brain-wave/computer interface? Who knows, vibrational energies will be a huge thing in the future so, if you have this gum-candy device, with a membrane you could soak this device over night in flavor crystals and nice tasting stuff and then chew on it all day and then have its power for a PDA, Cell Phone, Calculator, iPod, flashlight or some other important device.

Craft Show Organizing 101 by Lauren Sorgaard
... Scatter smaller items randomly throughout your display, people are more likely to notice a small item they see several times rather than many small items in a basket. Once you have your display set up how you like it, you now have everything you will need for the show right there and ready to pack. You will be less likely to forget things this way too. Label your boxes or totes and load them into your vehicle in the order that youíll need them. You wonít need that box of bracelets before ...

Reducing a Simple Algebraic Fraction by John Madigan
... notice that one of the factors is the same in both numerator and denominator. That means that we can reduce them: (2*x-3*y)/(2*x+3*y)^(2-1) What exactly does (2-1) mean in the above expression? Well, the implied power of (2x-3y) in the numerator was "1" - and the reduction rule says that we need to subtract the smaller power from the larger. Finally, we end up with the following simplified fraction: (2*x-3*y)/(2*x+3*y) This wasn't too hard, was it? Stay tuned for more algebra lectures!

Being 'Mummy Fix-it' by Lina-Marie Catto
... Our most recent casualties were a glass humming-bird, (which had been given to our eldest daughter by Santa Claus and the Elves a few Christmasís ago), a pretty blue Polly Pocket blouse (damn tricky things which are small and made of plastic), and a large sparkly pink hair clip. The only one not to make it was the hair clip Ė it was too brittle to be able to make it useful again. This of course, led to tears, but luckily for me, the same hair clips were available at our local shops for the ...

That New Car Smell - Tales from the Darkside in Austin, Texas by Frank Bellucci
... Small shops will also get to know your carís history so that you can head off problems down the road and service things early before they turn into big problems. And if itís a truly great shop, the same mechanic will work on your car each time so that there is a working knowledge base in his head about your car Ė that can be far more effective than just whatís put in the computer database. Well thatís it for today; I have to go do some other stuff now.

Blackberry - Is It Right For You? by Andrew Kelly
... Battery life varies greatly from one device to the next, ranging from hours to several days. If you need a long battery life, keep this in mind. Likewise, some models do not come with a speakerphone, which is a major thing for some people. Be sure to check these other features when choosing which Blackberry to go with. A Blackberry is an incredibly convenient gadget to utilize. It is important, however, to take prudence when choosing the device so it meets all of your needs.

The Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom by Ken Marlborough
... Showers cost between $300 and $2,000. Traditional toilets cost under $200, but smaller or fancier toilets can cost up to $1,500. Paint costs around $50, wallpaper $60, and new accessories can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. The important thing is to plan properly and shop wisely to keep a bathroom remodeling cost within your budget. You can always add more later on because after one bathroom remodeling experience, you will have the skills to tackle more.

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