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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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How to Buy A Treadmill - Key Points by Keith Thompson
... features, shock absorption, variable speeds, calorie counters (to tell you just how hard you've been working!) time/distance calculators, and of course a reasonable guarantee/warranty. The motor should be have a warranty of at least 2 years, and the more the better. Some are as long as ten years. Shop around. Buying a treadmill online can be very easy. Not only can it save you money, but you can usually come up with good deals on shipping. Take your time and compare, and then start walking!

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... When given a free gadget, I promptly shipped it to niece or nephew. I sent them pens, penlights, magnets, popping buttons, cheap watches, postcards, and other thingamabobs. Because the closest kids lived over 200 miles away from me, the mail was often the only way for me to make my existence known to them. What excited responses I got! Several times I received calls from children giggling with delight and thanking me for the gifts that I sent them.

5 Ways to Buy Cheaper Books by Morgan James
... Just check the shipping prices to make sure that you are getting a bargain. You can get new or used books on eBay: often eBay stores are the best place to search so that you can “Buy it Now”; sometimes waiting for the end of an auction is the way to go. 2. Scan Around School. Used bookstores are often located very close to college and university campuses. Often times, students sell the school books that they don’t want to use again. You don’t have to spend hours in each bookstore looking ...

eBay Powerseller Secrets for Online Auction Success by Jennifer Carter
... Postage & Shipping Create a simple system or add a shipping calculator so your customers will know the exact cost of any item. Keep GoingSend an invoice shortly after the sale is completed using the automated invoicing system. Make sure you pack well, send promptly and leave feedback. Don’t leave negative feedback. The final Powerseller secret is using the second chance offer to sell multiple items, but pay only one insertion fee. Once the auction is closed, you can offer off your stock to ...

Before You Sell Do The Math by Jim Meisenheimer
...   Not only does $103 sound better to your customer, it's also better for you. You end up offering a 12.9% discount instead of giving away an even 15%. If you, your product, and your company are good - you don't have to have the BEST PRICE to win every order. This strategy will keep you close to the competition and also make every transaction more profitable for you and your company. "Profitability is the applause of a happy customer." Never leave home without a calculator - never !

Circuit City by Felicity Bryant
... save 10% on given models of fax machines, voice recorders and calculators. Even the mp3 players and iPods can be purchased at much lower prices, for the discounts offered at the site is surely going to save what you would have invested otherwise in buying the stuff otherwise. Not only this, the site offers discounts o shipping as well. It gives you free shopping for any order that is greater than $25, so that now you can purchase all you have looked for without paying anything additional.

Christmas Cards, Online Or Offline by Wycliffe Williams
... Don’t forget tax and shipping charges. Then submit your information. It is best to purchase cards online from trusted merchants. That way you know the quality of the card you are getting. Flimsy cheap cards do not portray the type of christmas card greeting you want to send. Shop for cards early online. You may catch a sale or a special. Almost 3 billion christmas cards were made last year. Many are still stored away with the ornaments. Why throw them away?

Make Your Home Party a Success! by Anita DeFrank
... It might not be a bad idea to bring along a calculator for quicker or more accurate order totals. Also be prepared to accept checks and let it be known who you'd prefer the checks to be written. Make sure you thank each guest who purchases and give them a copy of the completed order form. Ending the Show… Make sure you once again thank the hostess for having the show. Be sure to thank each guest for coming as they leave whether they made a purchase or not.

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