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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Technology Tips To Make Life Easier by Jim Meisenheimer
... - 20,000 calculators to compute almost anything. - people information summarized. If you're using Windows XP and want to eliminate the messages asking if you want to transmit an incident report go to your control panel, click on system and then Advanced Tab, then Error Reporting button then select Disable Reporting Button. One more thing. Jerry Rice said adios to the NFL this week. He leaves with 38 NFL records. Apparently he was a "slave to details." A master of precision.

Amake Money on eBay - About the eBay Shipping Center by Bob Hamilton
... • Compute Shipping Costs Use eBay Shipping Calculator to provide shipping information for your buyers. In fact, the Shipping Calculator can even be included in your listings to make it even easier for buyers to know exactly what shipping will cost. All you do is provide the size and weight information as well as the desired carrier, and eBay Shipping Calculator will do the rest. • Order Shipping Boxes One of the biggest challenges facing sellers are the costs associated with purchasing ...

Airport Delays by Josh Greenberger
... When flying to Florida, for instance, always ship your luggage to Okinawa. This covers you from two angles. First, your luggage is highly unlikely to ever arrive in Okinawa, and therefore has a better chance of arriving in Florida than if you had sent it to Florida to begin with. Then, in the unlikely event that your luggage does arrive in Okinawa, you must remember that for you, as a passenger on a domestic flight, to wind up in Okinawa is not all that improbable.

Christmas Gift Giving: What You Should Know About Last Minute Gifts by Janice Wee
... I used the UPS calculator to find the estimated cost of shipping a 1 lb package by UPS, using the 2 day delivery, within U.S. and the shipping cost alone was around $29.42. For UPS next day air saver, the shipping price was $34.03. For UPS next day air, the shipping cost was $36.28. The shipping cost of the package alone makes last minute gift giving rather expensive. If you missed the shipping deadlines, the next best bet would to skip the excess shipping costs by sending an online gift ...

When a 19 Cent Photo Ain't 19 Cents by Andrew Wohlberg
... A really smart friend of mine, (much, much smarter then me) devised this really cool, easy-to-use and *free* photo calculator that will actually compare printing costs for 5 different online photo companies, and then show you the cheapest. It’s so simple to use, you just enter the number of 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 prints. Then you select delivery type - standard, expedited (1-2 days) or overnight, click “Find Best Price” and *Voila* - you’ll get a comparison chart with the winner in red.

Finding Your Niche - Your First Step to an Online Business by Chad Curl
... Millions of products are shipped to consumers ordered through the internet everyday. And there are many, many specialty stores owned by private individuals that are extremely successful. But if you are new to selling on the internet, it may take a much larger investment just to get started. I hope you have begun to get ideas spinning around in your head. Now, let's branch off those ideas into more ideas. By now you should know what interests you have, even if you haven't thought of a ...

eBay and How to Buy, Part 3: What to Look for in a Listing by Amy Lieberfarb
... Make sure that the shipping cost is stated clearly in the auction or a shipping calculator is also provided. Making sure to check the sellers feedback number as well as feedback rating scores and comments that have been made is also very important. You want to make sure to buy from a seller who is trustworthy and going to deliver your product in a timely manner. Beware of the price that just seems too low or the promises that seem too good to be true and really check on these sellers for ...

Top 10 Reasons Why EBay Auctions Fail by Ricky Lim
... Most buyers will be able to know if you overcharge pretty easily by using the shipping calculator provided by ebay. A small handling charge is reasonable. 8. Low Feedback Are you just starting out selling on ebay? If so, it may be quite difficult to sell your auction. My advice is to get your feedback rating up to at least 20. You can buy some cheap items to increase your feedback. It will be easier for you to sell then. 9. No Payment Options Paypal is far the most acceptable form of ...

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