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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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The Magical State of Captivation by Vincent Harris
... I do good just to balance my check book, but this guy worked out problems in his head faster than the students could with scientific calculators. On top of that, he also knew a lot about everything; it didn’t seem to matter what the topic of discussion happened to be, he knew something about it. With all of this knowledge, there was one thing that prevented him from being perceived as interesting by the majority of students; all he knew how to do conversationally was convey the facts…and ...

Power Travelling and Touring - 10 Factors in Enjoying Stuff by Raymond Strachan
... has lot of smaller stuff with it or inside it. Subsequently you end up looking at all this Stuff for hours on end. After a while it knocks the stuffing out of you. This is why I have developed this formula based the the criteria above: Stuff x (WOW/10) x (120 + RWF*) mins = STUFFED *Reverse WOW factor(expressed in minutes) So before you end up telling museum staff and street vendors to "Get Stuffed" take a calculator with you whenever you visit tourist or historical icon and do the math.

Ten New Years Resolutions to Add Ten Years to Your Life by Barbara Kimmel
... Demko, a Florida professor and aging researcher claims to have developed the “Original Death Calculator” while completing his PhD from the University of Michigan in the mid-70’s, just prior to receiving a US Administration on Aging scholarship for advanced studies in aging. Since then, he has refined his calculator and presented his findings to the National Council for the Aging, the American Society on Aging and two Presidential White House Conferences.

College in the Fifties by Kenneth Hoffman
... They duplicated my Freshman year courses: Scientific German II, American History II and Physics II. All featured the same professors. The physics classes were held in the same temporary building as last year (the new one was being built) and the same interview with the Dean resulted. But this time it was final. No scholarship. Back at home, a talk with my dad revealed that my education was last on his list (his words) and grandma would not donate one penny much less four thousand dollars.

Mobile Phones Multitasking Gadgets by Martin Dev
... Mobile phone today has taken the role of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), alarm clock, calculator, and calender. Top of the line counterparts offer even better service. They are ones' sound system, high-resolution video camera, picture editor and FM radio. There are models offering chances to get instant internet connection, send and access e-mails, video calls and instant messaging. Some models steps even further and accomplished till untamed territory of GPS connectivity.

Emergency Lesson Plans, Real Lifesaving Tools for Teachers by Frank Holes Jr.
... Make speculations and use the scientific method. Or have students create the plans for a lab activity. Reading: Leave students a copy of a short story or article, and questions to answer. You could even set up a 'test-taking' exercise, and discuss appropriate answers and strategies. Social Studies: Map activities are great for emergency plans. You can even set up a one-day unit on any area/region of the world, including your own town or city. Everyone gets those situations in life where an ...

Hands on Science for Kids-Learn by Doing by Lisa Bronart
... Does your child’s interest in animals command their full attention? The Fun With Your Dog Science Kit might tempt their curiosity by testing a dog’s hearing, determining a dog’s personality or creating dog bone cookies. Take fun science into the bathroom with Scientific Explorer’s Spa Science Kit! Kids can mix fragrances, make foaming baths and create smelling potions. Determine how smells affect family members and friends differently - the ultimate test of the senses!

In Leadership, Results Are Limitless by Brent Filson
... Office of Patents.), urging President William McKinley to abolish his office, said,"Everything that can be invented has been invented." * An 1909 article in the Scientific American stated, "The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced." * Popular Mechanics stated in March 1949: "Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 ...

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