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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Using a Scientific Calculator In Mathematics Exams by N Pinhey
... Scientific calculator checkThere are two types of scientific calculator, the most recent type being algebraic scientific calculators. Algebraic scientific calculators allow users to type in calculations in the order in which they have been written down. Older scientific calculators need users to press the mathematical operation key after they have entered the number. For example to find the square root of nine (with an answer of three) press: [button] Algebraic scientific calculator: ...

The GED Math Test: About the Casio fx-260 Calculator by Leonard Williams
... So calculator skills aren't just important for GED students; knowledge of scientific calculators is important to everyone engaged in today's rapidly progressive technological society. Here are some basics to understand about the Casio fx-260: Learn the location of the keys. Learn the functions that the keys perform. Use the 'On' button to reset the calculator, or to clear the memory. How to use the 'Clear' and 'All Clear' buttons or functions to clear the last number entered or memory.

The Science Museum: Not Just A Tourist Hotspot by Andrew Regan
... But the Science Museum doesn't simply provide a place for children to learn and play amongst some of the world's most important scientific developments: it also opens up forums for controversial scientific debate. The Dana Centre, a groundbreaking urban bar and café, was opened in 2003 in an annex to the Museum, and is currently the UK's only dedicated scientific discussion venue for adults. As an integral part of the National Museum of Science and Industry (which includes York's National ...

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me? by Jack Humphrey
... So if you are an investment "dummy" like me, I strongly urge you to take the first step in becoming a relative investment "whiz" by checking out Scientific Wealth Strategies for yourself. It will really empower you to take charge of your investments and push you to get more from your hard earned dollars than you are currently netting! Scientific Wealth Strategies eBook and Software with calculators, investment terminology definitions, and many, many more useful tools.

Did Redhat Linux or Windows Xp Computed 2 Power 9,999,999? by George Chamoun
... Then, I tried a bigger number, 2^999,999 which Windows Xp scientific calculator could not handle. In about 5 seconds, I got the result on the screen. then, I added one more digit to compute 2^9,999,999 which is 2 multiplied by itself 10 Millions times minus one. I waited about 35 minutes, then Linux BC application produced the result on the screen by showing few screens full of numbers from left to right, and top to bottom. Now you probably thinking, how does this computing relate to the ...

What Do The Numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 Mean? by Lance Winslow
... numbers you cannot know, so I guessed at those to a safe reasonable proximity or potential eventuality without admitting any plausible deniability of the truth that cannot be known with additional data. I took the numbers and reversed them, put them in stacked equations, number of endings on each numeral, inverses, square roots, all sorts of stuff. Probably need a better scientific calculator and could play around with it for hours. Perhaps you can play around with this and have some fun?

Understanding Your Heart Rate by Zach Bashore
... when deciding to start your own cardiovascular workout. You also need to take into consideration that you don`t have to burn yourself out by calculating every single step you take to measure your heart rate. Believe it or not, some people actually do this and are looked at strangely by others as well. If you want to burn more calories, simply eat less or become more active, you don`t have to get scientific until you are advanced enough to know what you`re doing. Until next time, later!

Halloween Takes A Hit; Ghosts And Vampires Are Now Scientifically Impossible by Tom Attea
... According to his calculator, by July 1602 normal folks would have vanished. Since that doesn't appear to be the case, the existence of even one vampire has apparently had the stake put in its heart. Speaking about vanished, the same scientist, named Costas Efthimiou, attests that ghosts are an impossibility. Why? Efthimiou (don't you just love this guy's fit-for-a-monster name?) has determined that ghosts actually violate Newton's law of action and reaction.

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