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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Samsung D830: Size Does Matter by Keith Rickwood
... Samsung D830 is a dual screen phone with two screens the small external screen of96x16 pixels resolution; the internal screen with a dazzling luminous display of 262,144 colours and a splendid resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Samsung D830 will fill your life with entertainment, zeal and energy with features like MP3 player, embedded Java games, MPEG4 video recorder and video player. A large memory of 80 MB which can be expanded by a memory card, can be used to store a considerably large ...

Did Redhat Linux or Windows Xp Computed 2 Power 9,999,999? by George Chamoun
... I waited about 35 minutes, then Linux BC application produced the result on the screen by showing few screens full of numbers from left to right, and top to bottom. Now you probably thinking, how does this computing relate to the performance of the CPU, or the whole computer as a whole. Here is the answer: What I discussed so far is using certain numbers to get the result of the formula 2 power 9,999,999. While running the calculation using "bc" in Linux.

Stunning Looks, User-friendly Features by Keith Rickwood
... There are two color screens in this feature rich and slim mobile phone model from Motorola a fact which adds to its visual appeal. The handset can be activated through voice commands, which is speaker independent. There is an integrated music player indispensable for listening to music on the move. While enjoying music, one need not worry about missing important calls easy switching between music and phone calls is possible using a mini USB stereo headset.

Game On: The Allure Of Games On Phones by Philip Nicosia
... These gamers though shift to the kind of games that are better presented within the limited screen size and navigation options of a mobile phone. These are usually puzzles and card games. But of late, there has been a slow shift to more conventional gaming genres because of new workarounds to these limitations. Another factor cited for mobile gamings popularity is that mobile games are a great way of killing time. Whenever you have a few minutes to spare or you are in the middle of a ...

How To Prepare For Tests and Guarantee an A by Scott Palat
... These five tips will help you get A's. Read each tip carefully an start applying them today. 1. Create a timeline. Once you determine the day of the test work backwards. Budget a specific amount of time every day. Consider other homework, projects and time needed to study for other classes as you create your schedule. 2. Review a little each night. Do not wait until a test is announced to begin preparing for your test. Consider what would be easier reviewing for 5-10 minutes a night or ...

Disability and Diet: How to Select the "RIGHT" one for you? by Carolyn Magura
... The screening quiz at this website will help you determine if you have a healthy diet. 3) Test your Knowledge about Nutrition 4) Weight loss: Finding a Weight Loss Program that Works for You (A pdf document published by The Partnership for Healthy Weight Management.) This site is a very valuable 12 page document that includes the following. Questions to ask about different Weight Loss Programs. A Body Mass Index chart (BMI) A Personal Health Profile Evaluation checklist A ...

Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a PDA by Jason Kohrs
... Using the same two PDAs referenced in this section, we see that the Toshiba 830w sports a 4.0 (480x640 resolution) screen while the Compaq Ipaq 3950 has a 3.8 (240x320 resolution) screen. So, the overall size of the Toshiba is a bit larger but it makes good use of the space by including a larger display capable of twice the resolution of the Compaq. Battery Life Most PDAs are now provided with an integrated rechargeable battery which recharges while connected to a base station or power ...

Top 10 GSM Phones that "Really" Matter by Saquib Hussain
... It’s also equipped by a fine looking screens you’ll hardly see in a phone at this range; however the quality is not good under direct sunlight. The limited edition versions of these phones (which are not quite limited anymore anyway) also feature ability to record videos. The recent price drop to less than $200 of this phone makes it a must have. I myself have tested the phone among one of the worst reception areas, and where all other phones failed, it did kept it signal good ...

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