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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The Wonderful Future of Cell Phones by Amit Laufer
... These new Cell phones are going to be a multimedia center, a mobile office, a navigation device GPS (Global Positioning system), a computer with fast Internet access, a text messenger, a high resolution camera and video, a watch, a calculator, a PDA, an MP3 music player, TV and a Wallet! Yes, we will be able to pay with it for things we today pay with coins like vending soda or coffee machines as well as for parking space, trains and buses tickets etc’.

Six Sigma Training - Why and How by Gary Preston
... And the Six Sigma Academy estimates that the approximate saving Black Belts give companies is $230,000 per project, of which between four and six can be completed per year. Organisations such as Motorola, who initiated Six Sigma training in 1987 and won the Malcolm Baldrige quality prize for it, ABB, Honeywell and Allied Signal will be happy to attest to this. Perhaps one of the most critical reasons why Six Sigma has had such tremendous success lies in one of its most distinctive ...

Green Travel – Making Better Environmental Travel Choices by Susanne Pacher
... I also checked their carbon emissions driving calculator. If I travel 400 km (250 miles) every week in a car with an engine size between 1.4 and 2 litres, I would generate 4 tonnes of CO2 a year, which would take 5 trees to offset. In addition to planting trees, you can also purchase “carbon offsets”. A "carbon offset" is actually an investment in a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Offset projects come in many varieties and may include tree planting ...

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Check it yourself with your calculator. So you would need to take your initial $100 to $122 within the first month the next month you would need to add $26.84 to your $122 dollars, and so on, adding 22% to your total each month. Still sounds high? Lets break it down further. If you wanted to make $1 million dollars in 4 years, (48 months) starting with just $100, you would need to apply compounding to that single hundred dollar bill at a rate of approximately 5% per week.

How to Find the Best LCD Monitor for You by Michael Cottier
... Sure it won’t be much, but after awhile the savings will add up and make up for the cost difference between a CRT and an LCD monitor. So in the end you paid just about the same amount for an LCD as you would have for a big old clunky CRT monitor. Okay let’s say you want to buy an LCD monitor now, but you don’t know which one to get. Well let me first tell you that all LCD’s are not created equal and the quality really depends on the manufacturer and a few certain other aspects.

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... If you are a paper planner you will need: A notepad A calculator A calendar A pen A pencil Highlighters Post It Notes *Easy Access to past and present business records Working near the computer (if you keep your records online) or filing cabinet will ensure you can keep working. If your records are all over the place, take the time to gather them in one place even if they aren’t organized. You may have to do additional calculations to make the marketing plan effective, but at least you ...

Standardize Your Processes to Produce Best Results by Donald Bryant
... This will prevent errors and in the long run save money for the hospital. It is best if you can measure standardization. The best tool to measure standardization in statistics is variance or standard deviation. I am sure many of you have encountered this measure, but probably cannot calculate it. The best way to calculate it is either in a spreadsheet or on a calculator. For example, the standard deviation for the numbers 8, 12, 1, 4 and 5 is 4.18.

The Tax Payer as Gilligan by Kemberly Wardlaw
... According to the same BLS inflation calculator, $1000 in 1979 now has the same buying power as $2641.87 in 2005. It is arguably the uncertainty of inflation that causes the most damage. Preparing for increases in the cost of living is an important aspect to financial planning. Your financial planner can assist you in reviewing inflation trends, introducing inflation adjusted estimates for future income needs, managing tax efficient portfolios, and keeping an eye on government actions.

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