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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Grocery Savings - What Worked For Grandma Probably Won't Work for You by Colleen Langenfeld
... you're still clipping coupons because your mother did, better get out a calculator and a clock to see what you are really saving on your groceries, and if it's worth your time to do it. (The answer is, it depends upon your buying habits and your family's eating habits.) Today's consumer has to think on her feet and be aware that she is a player in the grocery game, whether she wants to be or not. It is not difficult to maximize grocery savings for your family, but you'll need to have the ...

It Pays To Be Stingy by Hari Wibowo
... After all, if you have saved a dollar a day, after the first year, your savings would have grown larger by $ 3.65. So, why bother, right? Wrong. If you take your time to whip out your calculator and compute, the one percentage difference is a BIG deal. Instead of 10.5 % annual return, you can assume that you now achieve an annual return of 11.5%. While saving a mere $ 1 a day, how much your money would have grown after 50 years? The amount now is $ 730,000.

Insurance - Don't Let Health Care Hijack Your Retirement by Jeffery Voudrie
... Pre-retirees need to take a hard look at their savings plan to make sure they’re saving enough to cover these costs. Find a financial calculator on the internet to determine how much to save. If you’re still years from retirement and healthy, don’t think you’ll need to save less. As you age, chances are your health will decline, perhaps suddenly. So don’t base your savings on your health situation today. But saving enough isn’t always practical. Pre-retirees and retirees alike need to have ...

Stock Market Excitement Is Not Exclusive of Wise Investing by Jamie Wu
... there are always two driving components that are not well assessed. The first component consists of identifying the needs and wants independently of the time factor. The investments to achieve the needs are low risk investments, whereas the wants can be met with risky assets. The second component is then allocating the amount of savings to each goal based on the time horizon. The further away in the future, the less amount of money to be dedicated to it based on the time value of money.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping by Donna MacMillan
... So you will not be buying that extra desk, calculator, computer and computer software. Your bookkeeper will be providing all of that as part of his/her fee. No software updates, computer maintenance, training costs, etc. Of course should you prefer to have your computerized bookkeeping records available to you at your office, a small investment in software installed on your computer makes this possible. Also no office supplies to be paid for. You will be amazed at just how much pens, ...

Retirement Management by Matt Alexander
... Personal Savings You probably should not keep too much money sitting in your checking or savings account. You may be earning 1% or 2% and that is nothing when you factor in inflation. We all know that a dollar can buy more today than it can tomorrow. Inflation is currently at about 3%. Remember that interest is taxed at ordinary income, so you basically need at least 4% to break even. Investments The stock market has returned 9.5% over the last 20 years and has consistently outpaced ...

Use Spices To Cook Like A Connoisseur On A Paupers Budget! by Beth Scott
... until very hot, then add your oil (preferably olive oil or coconut oil) to the pan. Wait a few seconds until the oil starts to smoke, then pour the eggs from your bowl into the pan. Have a fork in your hand ready to scramble the eggs with, because they’ll start cooking instantly. Scramble the eggs for 30 seconds to a minute. Then use a spatula to scoop them out onto a plate. Do yourself a favor and follow these tips to start saving money today and serving delicious dishes for your family.

Back to School Savings by Cheryl Johnson
... Many national drug store chains, with rebate programs, offer school supply sales in addition to rebates that result in free items. For the most part, I use all the money saving strategies that I use year round to save on back to school supplies. As with any budget expense, combining money saving strategies to maximize savings is the best strategy. Planning and budgeting for back to school supplies is the best strategy. A good budget plan is like a good friend. It keeps you strong and steady.

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