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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Article written by Alice Erin

Samsung z400: A Stylish Slider Phone

Samsung slider mobile phones have been in vogue lately and Samsung Z400 is another product from the stable of Samsung belonging to the stylish slider genre. Although Samsung D500 and Z400 look like Siamese twins, Samsung Z400is the better –looking out of the two. Weighing at 107 g, Samsung Z400 is a light 3G phone. You will be impressed by the slide mechanism of this phone which functions quite smoothly. Click presentable, clear pictures with the 2 mega pixel, 4xdigital zoom camera of Samsung Z400; although lack of flash might seem troublesome.

There is also another 0.3 mega pixel camera in Samsung Z400for video calling. With features like MP3 player along with 64 polyphonic ringtones, it is dreams come true for music buffs. Although the small memory of 30 MB might seem like a hitch; it can be expanded through a memory card; though one is not provided with this phone.

Samsung Z400has WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10, EDGE through which you can access internet and surf for all the necessary data required.You can download data, videos, music and charges will only be made for the downloads not for surfing. Bluetooth allows instant access to all wireless devices and complete data transfer is facilitated.With Triband (1900/900/1800) GSM it is usable worldwide in countries such as USA, Australia, South America and Asia.

T9 predictive text in helps in Samsung Z400sending SMS’s; you can make your own dictionary and there is no need to type the same words again. Features like scheduler, calculator and currency are the other traits of this phone which are very useful in our day-to-day lives.

Battery life has been found to be a bit low but still satisfactory; but if the 3G is deactivated; then this problem is also done away with.All in all Samsung Z400is a good phone but meant for those who have that little extra tenacity in them and have some nerve to spend some time with their phone.
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