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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Tax Preparation Help & Information Online by FrankW Ellis
... There are over 120 tax credits and deductions available, and all the paperwork is supplied for you. Are you getting all the tax breaks you qualify for? File Your Tax Return ElectronicallyOnce you have finished your tax return, it's easy to file electronically. If you are expecting a refund then you can usually have it in 10 to 16 days from the time you efile. The IRS has estimated that over 70 million people will prepare and file their tax returns online for the year 2006.

Software - Turbo Tax by Michael Russell
... But for those who still collect their strips of paper with their expenses and still have W2 forms and 1099 forms sent to them, Turbo Tax can still save you a lot of time, not only in doing your return but also in filing it. The biggest advantage of doing your taxes with Turbo Tax is that all the calculations are done for you, as opposed to the old pen and paper method of filling out forms and having to bring a calculator with you or somebody with a good head for math on their shoulders, if ...

Einstein's Rule Of 72 by Roger Sorensen
... If you figure that inflation averages 3% you're just above breaking even, and if you figure the income taxes you paid on the 4% growth, you are loosing money. If you're 35 and your money is growing at 12%, you will have SIX DOUBLES by age 60! If you're 50 and your money is growing at 12%, you have 1.6 DOUBLES LEFT by age 60! What does this mean? It means you need to start investing your money as soon as you can. Today is a good time to begin.

Compound Interest Doesn't Add Much To Your Wealth by Francis Kier
... The correct return is only 3.9%, and again, this doesn’t include fees, commissions, taxes and inflation. How are you going to compound your money when the stock market starts one of its frequent 5 year droughts of moving down and sideways (’73, ’81, ’87, ’00). The after-inflation Dow Jones Industrial Average annual return for the last 55 years is only 4.8%; plug that little number into your calculator for 10 years and see how many Rolls-Royces you can buy.

Join the Bulgarian Property Boom With Confidence by Timothy Wright
... The calculators can be used to determine potential returns once all the relevant initial and annual costs, such as State and Municipal taxes, have been deducted. "Bulgarian Property - The Overseas Buyers’ Kit" is the one-stop-shop for foreign investors who want to buy in a high-growth market and understand all of the legalities and costs upfront. The high growth in the market is expected to continue long after Bulgaria's anticipated membership to the European Union is granted in 2007.

Retirement Management by Matt Alexander
... There are products that guarantee you a minimum return while at the same time having exposure to the potentially higher returns in the market. There are funds that will do well when the market is not. The two main factors to consider are your time horizon and your risk tolerance. Part-Time Employment Basically, you should never have to return to the workforce unless you choose to. Most people have a goal to work for 30 years or so and then relax and do what they want for the rest of their ...

The Skinny on Mutual Fund Investing by Mika Hamilton
... but the potential for loss is real and must be considered. Mutual fund investing can be advantageous because there are a number of federal regulations in place that are designed to protect investors. The actual investments that the fund makes are watched closely by market analysts and financial managers whose job it is to make appropriate decisions regarding the mutual fund’s investments. The downsides include costs, taxes, and fees which must be paid regardless of how the fund performs.

Review of Car Rental Abroad by Matthew Sund
... Any automobile cleaning that needs to be made, gasoline that need be left in the automobile, any additional insurance required (check this before you go - you might already be covered), any extra mileage that you make and of course, any taxes (especially at the airports). This can get quite complicated, take a calculator with you or simply take your time going through it with the automobile rental salesperson to assure you fully understand it, although it is much, much better to go on the ...

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