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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Free Money-Making Program - Monetizing The Net And Equalizing Prosperity by Majelis Abu Hamid
... The problem of digital divide will hopefully be resolved as more and more governments realize the importance of the Internet for the improvement of their citizens’ quality, welfare, and prosperity. 4. The Internet will hopefully be an agent of equalizing of information, education, economy, welfare, and prosperity. The statement “You Own the Internet.” seems to be logical when applied with the concept that this free money-making program is going to implement soon.

Ten Weight Loss Tips to Ensure Victory in the New Year's "Battle of the Bulge" by David Petersen
... changes to the way you deal with eating and physical activity. Also, if your battle plan involved resistance training, you will find it much easier to maintain your desired weight because of an increased muscle mass and metabolic rate. Realize that it was an uphill battle to get to the point where you are and plan to “do whatever it takes” to keep or even improve your physical condition. This article has highlighted some basic strategies to help make your weight loss goals more attainable.

Measuring the Difficulty and Merit of SE Positioning Results by John Tello
... For a quality estimation of positioning difficulty we need to analyze the first 10 sites in the SERP, look for PageRank, backlinks and optimization status, among other factors. To detect if a keyword is very competitive and searched for we have several methods. We can count the number of AdWords, which reflect the interest of webmasters for that keyword. Also, when SEOs fail positioning a site in the organic (free) SE results, they pay a PPC campaign such as Adwords.

Common CCTV DVR DIY Mistakes by Gerard Cohen
... A $200 security camera and a $50 security camera are going to be very different in terms of image quality and light response. Also look at CCTV DVR features. Places like Costco offer surveillance systems for under $500 but those surveillance systems don't have anywhere near the features of professional grade systems like Video Insight. Those systems can even be missing basic features like video motion detection. You may want to look for surveillance packages that combine everything you need ...

23 Games to Play in the Car (or Anywhere!) by Brook Noel
... and then talk for 60 seconds straight without repeating yourself or pausing. One point is awarded if you accomplish the goal. Take turns playing to a designated number of points depending on the length of your drive. If someone makes it 30 seconds, award them ˝ a point. Game for a Tired Driver Statue:On a long trip and need some quiet time? Play a round of statue. The person who can stay still and quiet the longest wins! Print a copy of this article and store it in your glove compartment!

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... best of premium dog food , if your dog isn't thriving, it's possible her diet is a problem for her. Owners have resorted to alternative diets -- holistic, raw foods, even kosher -- to optimize their pet's health. Some choose these diets simply because they believe they're better, not because their dog is having any issues. We'll discuss special diets in a future article. For now, I hope you've gained some useful insights about the benefits of premium dog food over and above economy brands.

Soapmaking Recipes - What Goes Into A Good One? by Lisa Chambers
... In this article I briefly touched on how it happens and explains " saponification ":"Soaps With No Lye?"For every oil there it takes a specific amount of lye to make soap with without any remaining lye. That set number is known as the oil's " saponification value ". Even carefully measured ingredients that meet the saponification values amount exactly, without going over or under, can make a harsher soap to skin, so extra oil beyond the amount called for to make soap is added.

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