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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Homemade Lye Soap by Sarah Freeland
... Never pour the water into the lye; instead, pour the lye into the water. If half your water is ice, thatís even better. Stir the lye to dissolve it; and as you stir, watch for the reaction that will take place. The lye can every start the water boiling, and if this happens, stop stirring until the bubbling stops. Then let the lye water cool down to room temperature. So what about the oil? Just about any fat or oil can be used to make soap, from plant oils and hydrogenated fats to animal fats.

Instructions for Making Crock Pot Handmade Soap by Judi Cox
... Now is a good time to wash all the dishes. And you donít even need to add any soap! You should see some lovely lather from the soap youíve just made. I let this sit over-night. The next morning, I unmold and slice into bars to air out for a week or so. Once each bar has had time to harden, I bevel each one and itís ready for use, or sale. My favorite crock pot soap recipe: Rosemary Mint Handmade Soap 4 pounds - 38 ounces olive oil (59.38%) - 14.4 ounces palm kernel oil (22.5%) - 11.6 ...

Making Homemade Soaps - What Needs To Be Learned First by Lisa Chambers
... Any moisture that gets in contact with the lye granules will form clumps, which may increase the chance of spills while pouring next time you use it. It may even effect your soap by giving you inaccurate weighings of your ingredients in the end, if enough gets in there. Pouring slowly so you get it right the first shot and don't have to put any back is also wise. Another thing that can be a hassle sometimes when pouring to weigh your lye is static

Fives Paths to $100,000 Per Way Part 1: Gidget's Way by Sean Farrington
... In a mad rush of excitement Gidget pours herself a quick cup of coffee to add caffeine to the adrenaline and sugar high, and begins to nervously complete the calculations of her gig crazy profits. This is what she arrives at Ė $78,000 from gigging added to the $22,230 from CD sales. Fingers now shaking she presses the equal button and squints once more at the display, which presently shows a grand total $100,230.00 for the year. [Close of Scene One] As the camera fades to black we see ...

Top Ten Tips (Part 1) by Elaine Currie
... Punctuation has had a very bad time over the last forty years or so but I believe it is about to undergo a revival. These things go in cycles and it seems that punctuation is about to have its day at last. Correct punctuation could be the new black. If you donít believe this, how do you explain why so many thousands of people bought ďEats, Shoots & LeavesĒ? Even if you have no interest in creating elegant prose, you should learn about punctuation .

How To Make Sure You Never Forget A Name Again by Clare Evans
... If you get introduced to more than one person at a time, for instance in a group, take your time, scan each face and find the association. The more you do it the faster youíll become and the easier the associations will be to find. ReviewAnother important key to remembering names and faces is to review them regularly. When youíre at a meeting or social event, you can briefly scan the faces in the room and recall the names. The more often you do this, the more likely you are to remember them.

Hold'em Pirate Poker Calculator and the Use of the VPIP Meter by Marty Smith
... the flops, has a pre-flop raise of 40%, but has won a mere 12% of his showdowns, well you want him at the table. Any decent holding (middle pair) is going to take this opponent down, if not sooner than later. You want to be part of that before someone else does, so re-raising the fool is a good option to try for heads-up play. I really love the fact that the VPIP meter can collect data for me while I am pouring my tea in the kitchen, putting the dog outside, or saying good night to my wife.