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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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How to Improve Your Poker Game by Adel Awwad
... You can memorize poker odds to increase your playing power at the tables or, if you prefer, you can invest in a poker odds calculator. A poker odds calculator can help you learn the odds of various hands and once you have mastered the odds; you will be able to place far wiser bets at the playing table. Finally, you can learn a lot by watching the pros play. When watching professional poker players note how the intimidate other players and study their poker face.

Poker Calculator Report - Poker Charts for Your Game by Marty Smith
... This review goes deeper into our assistant software perspective, where not necessarily being a poker calculator, assistant software does certain and varied calculations for you, that allow you to improve your poker game. PokerCharts.com is such a service. Improving your poker game, whether it be holdem, omaha, stud, no limit, pot limit, casino ring games, or any other poker profit seeking venture, involves scrutiny on your part. The kind of scrutiny that analyzes your own game based on the ...

Empirical Poker Calculators and How they do Your Job at the Poker Table by Marty Smith
... In fact, pick up any sound poker book or “how to win at poker” training material and all say the same thing one way or another – pay attention to your table, watch for betting patterns, watch for position plays, take notes, determine if is he tight, or if she is loose/aggressive… and so on. But even if you are supposed to do that, there are still three big reasons why you need an empirical poker calculator (EPC) to do it for you. 1- There are just too many distractions at home when playing ...

Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Strategy - Starting Hands by Rick Braddy
... Deciding which starting hands to play begins by accounting for several factors: * Starting Hand "groups" (Sklansky made some good suggestions in his classic "Theory of Poker" book by David Sklansky) * Your table position * Number of players at the table * Chip position Sklansky originally proposed some Texas Holdem poker starting hand groups, which turned out to be very useful as general guidelines. Below you'll find a "modified" (enhanced) version of the Sklansky starting hands table.

Operative Poker Calculators and Why Mr. Big Poker Site Doesn't Want You to Have One by Marty Smith
... You could call this the “black hat” of Poker Calculators, because it extracts information on your future opponents, by monitoring your poker website’s table action, and thus building a player database whether you are at a table or not. Then you can retrieve information from that database to view your opponents’ hand selection, playing styles, raising habits, bankroll fluctuations, experience, and a host of other factors. Still not clear? Well imagine if you were waiting in line for a table ...

Secrets of Texas Hold 'Em by Mila Man
... If you are a beginner in poker game do not look for a table of few players. You chances to win decreases and further more you are paying more blinds. Take a table like 10 seats for examble. I prefer 10 seat 0.5/1 or no limit tables. When playing at a table do not start aggressively. Just look around and watch your poker game buddies. Learn how they play and mark those players who are playing well, you will notice them in time. A good player does not play all the deals, in fact he/she folds ...

Poker Calculators and Multi-Table Tournament Strategies by Marty Smith
... There isn’t a poker calculator designed for multi table tournament (MTT) advice specifically, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using one. In fact, I have used Hold’em Pirate for MTT’s exclusively and have reached a higher amount of final tables while doing so. Hold’em Pirate instructions don’t really mention it’s use in MTT’s, but you are reading this now because I have found through experience that Hold’em Pirate is excellent for MTT’s in assisting you with monitoring the table ...

Sit and Go Strategies for Poker Prophecy by Marty Smith
... Whether you play at Party Poker, Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet, or a selection of others, Poker Prophecy keeps sit and go records for you whether you are at the table or not. Is it useful? Yes, it absolutely is. If you play sit and go tables even once in awhile, this is the one online poker program that can pay for itself in the same day. In an ideal world you would want to use your poker calculator alongside Poker Prophecy. Now, if you are wondering how knowing an opponent’s win rate will help ...

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