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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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How Would You Like A Professional Poker Player In Your Pocket? by Andy Machin
... What if, every time you sat down to play online poker, Doyle Brunson sat down next to you? Would you win more often, be more profitable, and have more fun with a professional poker player sharing their deep expertise with you while you play? Of course you would! With the Pokerbility software, you get all of the expertise custom-designed to help you win at online poker -- and you don't even have to feed it lunch. Pokerbility is a software program designed to be your partner while you play poker.

NBA Moneyline Parlays by T.O Whenham
... It would be much harder to win the bet if you played a moneyline parlay because all three teams would not only have to win but also cover. You would win the bet less often, then, but you would be rewarded handsomely when you do win. An eight-point underdog could reasonably be +280 on the moneyline, so a $100 moneyline parlay would give you a profit of $5,387.20. If your handicapping were to give you reason to believe that the underdogs are poised to win then an underdog parlay could make ...

Empirical Poker Calculators and How they do Your Job at the Poker Table by Marty Smith
... You came back and noticed your EPCs’ VPIP meter now says your online poker table has turned very loose. 3- You hardly ever play just one table online. It’s too boring. Three is more your speed. Your EPC is specially designed for you because when a confrontational hand situation comes up that demands your personal attention and thought, you are still able to “watch” the other tables and record anything pertinent there as well. Try and do that at a live poker table.

When to Ignore Your Poker Calculator by Marty Smith
... The main scenarios where this occurs are playing against a maniac, playing in late position, playing short stack in a tournament, and avoiding being categorized by other players. We all know playing against a maniac can be frustrating but invigorating as well. This is one of those situations where my instincts guide me more than my poker calculator software, especially if you are seated near the maniac and you know you’re going to be heads up. Check the hand list below for hands that you ...

Useful Blackjack Tips that Will Help You Make a Profit by Adrian Radulescu
... Playing blackjack in a reputable online casino can prove to be a lot more lucrative than playing in a land based casino. Not only do you get to play from the comfort of your own home, but online casinos also offer great free blackjack games and fantastic sign-up bonuses. Now tell me what land based casino lets you play for free or lets you play with their money. Beginner blackjack players are well advised to make good use of these free casino games and improve their blackjack skills.

Final Table Tournament Play and Your Poker Calculator by Marty Smith
... I never play an online tournament without using my Holdem Pirate Poker Calculator. I use the VPIP meter to keep close tabs on the type of player I am paying against, as it truly helps in identifying what they may be raising with. All of this changes at the final table, particularly as a result of short stacks combined with huge blinds and position. First of all if you are a big stack you are going to be playing a lot more hands than your poker calculator is recommending.

Poker – Calculating Your Odds by Fawzia Awwad
... In fact, while playing poker online you can even make use of special software applications that monitor your game play and help you learn how to calculate poker odds. Poker calculation software is often free to download and you are even given free demonstrations on how the software works. The variant of poker you are playing online matters little: there are poker calculators for every style of poker imaginable. Texas Hold’em, Heads Up Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and variants of 7 card stud ...

Poker Calculator Wars Part 1; Sit and Go Shark vs. Hold'em Pirate by Marty Smith
... Now Sit and Go Shark is a Roy Rounder product that specifically tried to nail a market niche in that he knew a lot of online players played STT’s exclusively, or used them frequently to build a bankroll or gain MTT experience. (As far as marketing goes, you can’t beat Roy Rounder – he successfully pushes a 2 year old poker eBook for 3 times the cost of Matthew Hilger’s “Internet Texas Hold’em”, a vastly superior product). I was initially excited by some of the claims Rounder made about Sit ...

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