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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Ensure Your Child's Success in Math - 10 Great Ways! by Susan Jarema
... And the Internet now has endless math websites for all ages with online visual applications, videos, games and music. Time spent exploring math with your child will help your child excel in other areas such as science, geography, music, art and problem solving. Our children can grow up to enjoy mathematics and we parents can learn along the way. Find an hour each week to share the wonders of mathematics with your child. Take some MATHemACTION in your own home.

The Psychology of Poker Calculators by Marty Smith
... Poker Calculators are handy tools for online play that give you (at the very least) accurate pot odds to know if you should be in a hand in the first place, but also to offer the right advice for checking, folding, or betting in any given situation. Now consider this - the right advice from a poker calculator is actually the mathematically correct decision. As all experienced poker players will tell you, that is just part of the equation. There is absolutely no guarantee that a persistent ...

Poker Calculator Wars Part 1; Sit and Go Shark vs. Hold'em Pirate by Marty Smith
... Now Sit and Go Shark is a Roy Rounder product that specifically tried to nail a market niche in that he knew a lot of online players played STT’s exclusively, or used them frequently to build a bankroll or gain MTT experience. (As far as marketing goes, you can’t beat Roy Rounder – he successfully pushes a 2 year old poker eBook for 3 times the cost of Matthew Hilger’s “Internet Texas Hold’em”, a vastly superior product). I was initially excited by some of the claims Rounder made about Sit ...

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Betting Basics by Rick Braddy
... Unlike playing online, where the total size of the pot is easy to determine (the online Texas Holdem poker program typically displays the pot amount right there on the screen for you), when you play in traditional offline poker tournaments, you must keep track of the pot size and chip count yourself, so you can estimate the pot odds and your best betting options. Pot odds become especially interesting as the blinds and antes increase as the tournament progresses.

Poker Calculators and Do You Suffer From the Top Pair Syndrome? by Marty Smith
... Keep in mind that Top Pairolitis is a result of limit ring game action, where in that venue, you are often paid off with top pair - top kicker, making it a positive EV play. The virtual opposite is true in tournaments, save for specific situations. We are all susceptible to impatience; it is an inner enemy when playing poker. But I have seen thousands of times when in the first couple of hands, players have their whole stack on the line with AJ suited after the flops comes Jack high.

How To Prepare For Tests and Guarantee an A by Scott Palat
... Play games. Re-write your notes. Get someone to quiz you. Find websites online that review the same material. Make up questions that you think will be on the test. Create new outlines of the material by writing some specific topics and filling in the details from memory. Studying should be an active process, not just time spent re-reading something. 4. Ask the teacher what the format for the test will be. Will it contain multiple choice, true-false, short answer, essay, diagrams, graphs, ...

Mobile Phone Features by Keith Rickwood
... The latest mobile phones not only allow you to take pictures but you can also play games, listen to music, access the internet, and organize a day planner and much more. No longer have you to think about the high prices before buying a latest mobile phone . The online mobile shops help you find the latest phones in cheap mobile phone deals. The most common features of a basic mobile phone are: The alarm is a popular feature in a mobile phone which helps you to get up in time.

Smartphones Becoming A Reality by Jay Mark
... Many Smartphones can play MP3 Media and Audio recordings, can work as a digital camera, web camera, a video game console, calculator, a cell phone, digital photo viewer, or a remote control. Technology is about to unveil new applications with Smartphones, the VoIP or VoWiFi Smartphones. The blueprint for tomorrow will empower Smartphones with the capacity to locate wireless connections at many hotspots. Although this technology is new, it is already gaining acceptance and customers eagerly ...

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