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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Do Online Poker Tools Really Work? by PD Laughlin
... Online games move so fast it’s hard to keep track of an opponent’s play, their decisions and how they play certain hands in particular positions. Well there's good news. An onslaught of online poker tools have come along to help you maximize your advantage. Before we find out if online poker tools really work let's define what they are. In short, online poker tools are any legal assistants (yes the online poker tools I am referring too are legal!) or software programs that help you play ...

Math Help Has Never Been This Entertaining by Katie Robbins
... You can work on your logic and planning skills when playing the game “Fiver”. This game consists of a grid containing all white pieces. The goal is to change all the white pieces to black pieces. That sounds simple enough, but how does it improve my math skills? There are conditions that are imposed on you each time you change a white piece to a black piece. These conditions affect the color of the surrounding pieces. This is similar to the conditions or rules in math.

Useful Blackjack Tips that Will Help You Make a Profit by Adrian Radulescu
... Not only do you get to play from the comfort of your own home, but online casinos also offer great free blackjack games and fantastic sign-up bonuses. Now tell me what land based casino lets you play for free or lets you play with their money. Beginner blackjack players are well advised to make good use of these free casino games and improve their blackjack skills. Proper money management. First of all you should sit down, take a calculator and figure out how much money you can afford to ...

Online Poker Strategy That Works For Any Player by Niki Antonio
... More and more people are playing online poker, despite its legal issues. Whether you are a pro veteran, a newbie who just starts playing, or somewhere in between, you want to improve your poker game continuously so that you can win more than you lose. Without the correct strategies, you can make sure that you will be outplayed by other players who also eager to take your money. Your game strategy, combined with the right tools such as pot odd calculators, lots of practice, and luck will ...

Poker – Calculating Your Odds by Fawzia Awwad
... In fact, while playing poker online you can even make use of special software applications that monitor your game play and help you learn how to calculate poker odds. Poker calculation software is often free to download and you are even given free demonstrations on how the software works. The variant of poker you are playing online matters little: there are poker calculators for every style of poker imaginable. Texas Hold’em, Heads Up Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and variants of 7 card stud ...

How Would You Like A Professional Poker Player In Your Pocket? by Andy Machin
... Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to online poker play, Pokerbility will give you an edge over everyone else at your table. Poker is all about making the right decisions all of the time -- a daunting task, to be sure. With Pokerbility by your side you will have the information you need to make the right decisions at your fingertips. You can adjust the program to reflect your playing style. If you are playing looser, Pokerbility will adjust -- if you need to tighten up, ...

Final Table Tournament Play and Your Poker Calculator by Marty Smith
... I never play an online tournament without using my Holdem Pirate Poker Calculator. I use the VPIP meter to keep close tabs on the type of player I am paying against, as it truly helps in identifying what they may be raising with. All of this changes at the final table, particularly as a result of short stacks combined with huge blinds and position. First of all if you are a big stack you are going to be playing a lot more hands than your poker calculator is recommending.

Nokia 8800: With Strong Focus On Fashion And Design by Andrena Markley
... These three games can be played with the 3D graphics engine that would enhance your gameplay. The handset has an internal memory of 64MB which is adequate. The 8800 has an exclusive user interface with its own styles, themes and ringtones. There is also a GPRS facility with EDGE technology which provides better speed. Overall, the Nokia 8800 feels cool to touch and sits comfortably in hand. The handset offers a good set of features like the usual PIM functions, such as a calendar, a to-do ...

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