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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Online Poker Tools are to Online Poker Cheats, as Vitamins are to Steroids by Chris Sorensen
... Automated play – any Program that takes the player out of the loop of play (where the program plays a complete hand without a player click) is illegal. Automated players are often called Robots. How Prevalent are Online Poker Tools and Online Poker Cheats? Any guessing on the prevalence of Tools or Cheats can at best be described as a ballpark guess. Online Poker Tools are growing at a rapid rate, and because of their legality, their growth is unchecked.

Poker Calculator Report - Poker Charts for Your Game by Marty Smith
... PokerCharts.com also has a main chart area that compares many different variables so that you can see graphically how your game is improving by way of ROI, and thus, the effects on your bankroll. You can even compare your performance to recent Dow Jones movements. I really like the text paragraph below the main chart area which essentially talks to you about how you are doing recently, what is your best game and your best venue. Another thing it points out is how long you play each week, ...

Wedding Planner Software: What Program Features Should You Be Looking For? by Rose Smith
... – You will need to organize the music for your ceremony and the reception. What music will be used during the processional, recessional, during the ceremony? What will be your first dance song? How about when you cut the cake? You may be very surprised at how many instances specially selected music will be played. Wedding Party Planner – Who is going to be in your wedding party? How many attendants will each of you have? This part of the program will help you keep track of such details.

Bra Buying Guide - Training Bra Basics by Kim Shire
... The most important thing to remember is comfort; you can use our "Fitting Guide" to help you understand what to watch for when trying on a new bra. Also keep in mind that dark colors will show through light colored clothing,and lacey bras may create bulges in areas that are unwanted. The best thing to remember is comfort; a bra that scratchy or tight will drive you crazy by the end of the school day. You can use our "Bra Calculator"& "Fitting Guide" at to help you with the proper fit.

Working At Home With Toddlers by Elaine K. Stephen
... Playing Work With Mommy Sometimes your toddler will just have to be involved with Mommy and her work, Create a toddler work area that is very similar to yours. An inexpensive child table and chairs, an old or toy telephone, calculator, inexpensive children’s learning PC, the unused back side of discarded work papers, color pens and pencils. When he just will not play on his own, Give him tasks to complete. For example I say, “Call Grandma on the phone and tell her how many orders we had ...

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - Fractions, Those Devils! by Joe Pagano
... We just need to get on a common playing field and by that I refer to the common denominator. Specifically, we want the lowest common denominator, or LCD, for short. Once we have the LCD, we do a quick conversion on the numerators and then add them together. Case closed. Yet getting to this LCD is what gives students the most trouble. Now I could go into the method of getting the LCD by first decomposing each bottom into primes—a process known as decomposition into primes—and then obtaining ...

Nokia 5300 – Music to Your Ears by Jawahn Thompson
... Play modes include shuffle and repeat. If you like to personalize your listening experience, you'll love the Nokia 5300. The equalizer has five preset modes and two that are customizable. You can effortlessly save your tracks to ringtones as well. Sound quality is second to none. The speakers will please you at any volume level. The headphone volume is just as clear and crisp as your home stereo. More than a phone and a music device, the 5300 has a lot of additional applications to offer.

Excess And Deficiency - The Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Use In Creating A Love Filled Life by Christopher Walker
... To stay in excess in any one are of your life, you also have to be comfortable with deficiency in some area of your life. Like hard work means less spare time. Excess work, deficient spare time. Excess love life, deficient work. Excess relationship time, deficient health time. You can’t get balance. Nature never achieves balance. It is more about the honoring of the swings that makes the difference. Lets say two children are playing and one of the parents thinks their child is deficient, ...

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