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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Software - Turbo Tax by Michael Russell
... Fortunately, there is a piece of software that helps ease the blow and it is probably one of the best pieces of software ever made, even if we do hate doing our taxes. Turbo Tax, created by Intuit, has been around since 1983 and is one of the only pieces of software that must be updated every year because of the changes in income tax laws and forms. And Turbo Tax hasn't missed a beat in 23 years. If you've been doing your taxes by hand then you really don't know what you're missing with ...

The Removal Of Sin: Post-Infection Cleaning by James Monahan
... The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool scans your computer for a prevalent malicious software that has been running around your computer. Because most computers operate normally even after an infection this removal tool will help you save your computer future complications if the malicious software persists. The removal tool works around the programs in your computer and finds malicious prevalent softwares like Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom.

Calorie Counting Done the Right Way = Weight Loss? Absolutely! by Erik Pijcke
... Interrelating factors like diet, nutritional facts, meal plans, calorie balance, body reading measurements, supplement and medicine intake, exercise routines, daily activity intensity and costs will make it very difficult for you to see the forest for the trees. Well designed software that keeps track of all of the above factors and can correlate them will make it very easy to manage your health, fitness, weight loss, muscle mass gain or any goal you have set

Telecommuting Idea – Bookkeeping by Nell Taliercio
... If the company you work for uses a different piece of software, they may purchase a copy for you to use at home, or make one of their current licenses available to you. In the beginning I suggest you focus on companies that use software you are already familiar with since you will be working from home and don’t have the opportunity to ask a colleague across your desk for help. You will also need basic tools such as a 10 key calculator and some sort of spreadsheet software such as excel and ...

10 Things to Do With Your Blackberry-No Not the Recipe by Daviyd Peterson
... Backup anything associated with Blackberry data and hire a software consultant to migrate everything to another platform. (We are talking 100's of millions of dollars) 7. Wait until the RIM shot goes thru for changing Blackberries to Redberries and then you will have a few more years before another patent lawsuit. (That extra RIM shot was not my fault) 8. Use it as a Bookmark for all the free books you have received on Blackberry Addiction.(see number 5) 9.

Can a Golf Handicap Tracker Really Improve Your Game? by Patrick Forbes
... The alternative of buying the software can prove to be safer and much simpler to access. The extent of the programs varies as much as the price. You can find programs that do all the calculations for you, offering up a spreadsheet with all your stats, or choose a simpler program that merely gives you a numerical handicap. Although the choice is yours, remember you get what you pay for and often times more doesn’t mean better. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your program and your ...

Tools for the ‘Sucstressed’ by Roxie Hickman
... Early on in my business I was introduced to this piece of software, Trax Time. Trax Time, is your computer’s own personal punch clock. With Trax Time each client is entered as a project. Then it is a matter of punching in and out as you work with that particular client/project throughout the day. Trax Time has the ability to run a variety of reports. The reports can then be copied and pasted into other documents. For example, my statements are sent out via email.

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me? by Jack Humphrey
... So if you are an investment "dummy" like me, I strongly urge you to take the first step in becoming a relative investment "whiz" by checking out Scientific Wealth Strategies for yourself. It will really empower you to take charge of your investments and push you to get more from your hard earned dollars than you are currently netting! Scientific Wealth Strategies eBook and Software with calculators, investment terminology definitions, and many, many more useful tools.

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