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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Smartphones Becoming A Reality by Jay Mark
... Cell phones are already serving as dual video cameras, are able to browse the Internet, and can record music, video, and play computer games. There is no reason to expect that as WiFi becomes increasingly popular that WiFi phones won't be even more intelligent. The Skype Smartphone is currently designed to provide communications absolutely free between Skype users, and in all likelyhood will be free when using wireless hotspots, though this can't be absolutely determined.

Nokia 2610 Gets you Started by Keith Rickwood
... The phone is for those who'd listen to music on their mp3 players, take pictures with their cameras and expects exceptionally good reception and longer battery life from their mobile phones. The phone looks compact and smart in its candy-bar form with a large display of 128x128 pixel resolution that delivers 65,536 vibrant colours. The four way navigation key, dedicated call buttons and a simplified keypad makes working on the Nokia 2610 very easy.

The Brains of Smart Phones: What is the New Operating System for Treo & Blackberry Like? by Rene Tse
... When I prepared to look into the new smart phones I kept thinking these operating systems are like the brains of the phone. Like the old adage, I wondered if it is a no-brainer. Would I know which smart phone to use? Or would I favor a particular operating system? What I've learned is that the technology on the OS side is advancing faster than the available devices in the marketplace. While Blackberry has long been loved for its email capabilities it has been slow to gain wide acceptance in ...

Putting it All Together: The search for a Pocket PC Phone by Michael A. Keenan
... Im not talking about the Smart phones these are the phones with Pocket PC software jammed into a tiny little screen that isnt even a touch screen that just wouldnt satisfy my needs. Im talking about the full blown, why are you talking into your calculator? Pocket PC phones the uber-geek, pocket protector included kind of micro computer powerhouse. After all, Im married now and Im really not worried about public opinion or impressing anyone with my sleek, stylish, sexy new cell ...

Slender Design, Smart Features by Jennifer Lopaz
... you can store all your favourite tracks and videos in your mobile phone. Nokia N93 is stuffed with latest connectivity features like WAP, Bluetooth, and GPRS. Nokia N 93 has something for every occasion, whether work or pleasure .With features like conference calls, PIM, notes, calculator and Symbian S60; Nokia N93 caters to the needs of the professional who are constantly on move. With so many features and style, Nokia N93 is a phone which certainly makes up for the must-have category.

Top 10 GSM Phones that "Really" Matter by Saquib Hussain
... #10: Nokia 6310i: Switch back to the days when people used to buy phones to use it as a phone; and still today there are plenty of people among us, who rely on solid performance of cell phones; and that’s why Nokia still manufactures this 4 year old gem. Its looks and performs like an 80’s muscle car. It comes with Bluetooth, IrDA, GPRS, 500 (x3 numbers) entries, Timed Profiles, 150 SMS Storage etc. But what makes it a must have is it’s extremely powerful Tri Band Antenna ...

Motorola V3i Pink: A Style Icon With The Smartest Of Features by Anastasia Elaina
... Pink is the color of the season and Motorola introduces a gorgeous pink clamshell phone: the Motorola V3i. Boasting of a beautiful aluminum body, the Motorola V3i Pink is an absolutely delectable product. The Motorola V3i Pink combines the best of style, looks and features. Enjoy hi-fi mobile imaging, mobile music and seamless connectivity with this gadget. This gadget includes superb features like video recording, MPEG4 video playback and an MP3 music player.

New Window's Smartphone - You Will Love It! by Rene Tse
... I have the Motorola model." "Greg, is it better than using my Nokia cell phone with its' graphical user interfaces, applications, utilities, games, internet access and PC connectivity?" "Absolutely!" While flashing his cell phone at me Greg said, "The Windows Mobile-based smart-phone contains the Microsoft-class user interface, like you use on the computer. It has all the great functionality inherent in Windows. Heck, I'm getting ahead myself. I want to explain why this is the greatest ...

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