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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Does Retirement Fit Into Your Busy Schedule? by David Richter
... If you are reaching retirement age, it may be time for you to look at a retirement calculator, assess your finances, and review all the things that have produced your fulfillment. If you are financially positioned to retire, should you? It seems like a silly question, but thereís more to it than meets the eye. I donít recommend retirement to anyone. Retirement implies you are no longer working. Youíve given up the treadmill described above for a villa somewhere off the coast of Spain.

You Can Make 1,161 Times More Money With This Easy Money Management Technique by Marc Mayor
... to risk less than that in any single strategy, including ours. Just for the fun of it, I also did the calculation for a buy and hold strategy on the S&P 500 index. Amount to allocate to this strategy, according to Kelly: 1.76% Donít say we didnít warn youÖ TAKE AWAY POINTS TO CONSIDER: Get your calculator out and do the math Use the Kelly formula determine what portion of your assets should be invested in any given portfolio Keep in mind that any strategy can go bankrupt at any time

Feng Shui Tips for Health 2006 by Corey Tsang
... Remember that your own actions in this lifetime is called Man Luck, and makes up a big percentage of your life path potential as well. Make an effort to keep fit, and stock up on green veggies and fresh fruit as well. Smoking and drinking excessively is not good for your body (and soul) in the long run as well, so do keep this in mind. Do you like these Tips? Dragon-Gate.com sends monthly Feng Shui Tips newsletters to its members.

Can Fast-Food really be Healthy Food? by Jack Prime
... Now, so you don't have to bring a calculator with you every time you eat, you can quickly become used to recognizing the types of foods and methods of preparation which should be avoided. If the food has been breaded, fried or grilled many times then it's a safe bet that it's likely high in fat. Be aware that it's not only burgers, but chicken and fish as well. Many modern fast-food restaurants also have salad bars, so choose a fresh green salad to accompany your main meal.

Weighing Scales 101 by Noah Lam
... Some models include a calculator to measure your Body Mass Index or probes to measure body fat percentage. Body Mass Index is the measurement of body fat based on height and weight. A body mass index of less than 18.5 is considered to be underweight, 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal, 25-29.9 is Overweight, and Over 30 is Obese. To calculate your Body Mass Index, multiply 703 with your weight in pounds then divide by your height in inches and divide again by your height.

How to Build an Effective ROI Calculator by Glenn Clowney
... Test and refine the calculator 10. Train sales and customer facing employees on how to use the tool ESTABLISHING A CENTRAL REPOSITORY OF INFORMATION Use the ROI Calculator as part of your sales process and make sure that all of the information from customers is saved. You can use the saved information to refine the customer segmentation and improve the customer qualification process. The saved information also provides the foundation for excellent customer case studies.

Buying Low Fat Foods by Glen D. Williams
... This should result in a number that looks like "0.35xx." The first two digits after the decimal point is the percentage of calories from fat, or 35% in this example. Depending on who you listen to, to be healthy, your menu should contain around 30% fat. Don't freak out on me, now! This doesn't mean you can't have anything over a balancing act. Balancing The Fat In Your Diet: The way to get to a 30% fat diet and still enjoy the flavor of those foods with a little higher fat is to balance ...

5 Unique Ways To Get More Free Traffic by Darren Power
... Maybe some sort of calculator or a data manipulator or converter. Although a software tool is an excellent choice it doesn't have to be software. Think what tool do I use that I could make available to others. If your goal is to build free traffic to your sites then you need to be thinking about this all the time. As you surf keep this need in the back of your mind. Every site you visit think 'how could I get free traffic from this site' or 'what is this site doing to get traffic ...

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