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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Getting a GED by John Daye
... Math - decimals, fractions, percentages and basic math problems; multiple-choice problems where you need to add, subtract, multiply and divide without using a calculator. Social Studies - Geography using maps and charts, history; with 66 multiple-choice questions. Science - biology, chemistry, earth and physical sciences; with multiple-choice questions. Literature and the Arts: Reading and comprehension; with multiple-choice questions. The test lasts roughly 7 hours and 35 minutes.

What To Look Out For When Starting An Online Business by Brad Kamanski
... It can be disguised many different ways but the most important signal you have to look out for is the earning percentages. They claim you can earn anywhere from 1-10% DAILY on you investment! If that were true don't you think everyone would close their IRA's and 401k's and do this instead? NEVER invest in an online HYIP! Matrixes and Powerlines: The hook here is that a company will help you build a Powerline of paying customers so you don't have to.

Online Poker Strategy That Works For Any Player by Niki Antonio
... There are certain percentages whether or not your hand will win at the end and as far as I know, nothing can prevent those numbers from happening. Like I said earlier, experience will help you play better, and nobody can teach you experience. You have to earn it by yourself. When you do, it is guaranteed you will play poker a lot better. Believe it or not, an experienced playerís instinct is 70%-80% right!!

Obesity in America -- The Growing Epidemic! by Shelley Hitz
... Find out if you are at risk for health disease using the health calculators at A number of factors, such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, genetics, and certain medical disorders, cause obesity, but it can be conquered. One major obstacle to being more physically active is motivation and accountability. Find a friend with similar fitness goals and begin a simple exercise program together. It takes time to see the results, but your health is worth it!

Body Mass Index Chart Misleading by Jim O'Connor
... Always consider your body fat percentage versus your lean muscle tissue. Keep the body fat as low as possible, preferably under 30% for both men and women. Don't rely on the body mass index charts to dictate your chance for disease. Use the multiple approach I have outlined above. It is an intelligent approach for aiding your health and well-being. Attention: Ezine Editors / Website Owners Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine, Blog, Autoresponder, or on your ...

Series 7 Exam by Nick Hunter
... You will be given a calculator to use at the center. Applicants are not permitted to bring their own. Scrap paper will be given to you as well for you to use during the test. Once the test officially starts you can write down anything you want (Formulas, Rules etc.). The computer also offers the student the ability to change their answers at the end of the first or second part of the test. Meaning, if you wish to change an answer to a question in the first half, you will have to wait until ...

Squeeze Page Testing - Critical to Your List Building Success by Sean Mize
... Which one gets the highest sign-up percentage? Test everything you do, and only test one change at a time. If you make three changes, and the response rate goes up, that is pretty useless information if you donít know which element made the change occur. Here is another way that you can do it, although I use the above method exclusively (I try to do everything I can as simply as possible): Another way to do it is to create several different squeeze pages, each with one change on it.

Wash A Thon, Car Wash Fundraiser Strategies by Lance Winslow
... You should also note that if youíre not diligent in collecting pledges right away your collection percentages will drop to ten to thirty percent un collectable. Some of your members will be reluctant to go back and collect. Remember, going back twice is twice the work. You may want to give pledgers an option of paying a flat rate, but be careful. If you collect a flat rate in advance such as $3.00 to $4.00 you may be cutting your earnings in half.

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