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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Working At Home With Toddlers by Elaine K. Stephen
... An inexpensive child table and chairs, an old or toy telephone, calculator, inexpensive children’s learning PC, the unused back side of discarded work papers, color pens and pencils. When he just will not play on his own, Give him tasks to complete. For example I say, “Call Grandma on the phone and tell her how many orders we had this morning.” The phone isn’t really hooked up but he has to use his imagination to keep the conversation going and he is entertained for a while.

Mathematics - We’re Counting on Help from Parents by Barbara Snyder
... Think about the reasons for and benefits from homework assignments: practices prior learning; helps develop mastery; builds self discipline; encourages time management; teaches independent work; and teaches responsibility for one’s own learning. These are lofty goals which can be attained through parent support. Research tells us that students who spend more time on homework will be more successful in school. The parents’ job is to monitor the homework time and to help the student have a ...

Getting Your Children Ready for School by Chick Moorman
... Talk to your children about being able to see their friends, meet their new teacher, and all the opportunities that being at school provides. Focus on your child’s area of interest and emphasize the ways in which school helps make it possible for her to pursue it. When your child speaks negatively, redirect him into the positive. 3. Visit the school. Reacquaint your child with the school. During the summer, classrooms change, teachers transfer to new buildings, principals are reassigned, ...

Village Life in Upcountry Zambia by Charlotte Opperman
... The boys coped with much less food than they are accustomed to (thankfully our large supply of granola bars and peanut butter brought from London filled the holes) and found that teaching their beloved game of baseball to the local children was as rewarding (if not more, although they might not admit it!) as chatting with friends online. And somewhere in their memories they have stored the image of the local football team bicycling one and a half hours to get to a big match, playing ...

Teach Your Kids Arithmetic - The Quick-Add - Part I by Joe Pagano
... The Quick-Add method gives students a viable alternative to performing quick sums without the aid of calculators or pencil and paper. This method is based on the idea of “complements.” The word “complement” means “to complete,” and this is exactly what these numbers do. A “10-Complement” completes the 10; a “100-Complement” completes the 100, and so on. Why this idea is so useful is that it aligns itself with the simplicity inherent in the metric system, in which all units and measurements ...

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