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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Preparing Yourself for Home Schooling by Low Jeremy
... Also include different writing instruments handy such as pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons, chalk, markers, etc. Also include in your shopping list other items like all-purpose glue, scotch tape, rulers, erasers, staplers, paper clips, portable blackboard, and calculators. In preparing to home school your children, you should also be able to have different learning tools available around the home. Different subjects may require various educational tools to help your children learn and ...

The Shocking Secret Behind Your Math Blocks by Kenneth Williams
... Something like this: 245 + 631 Doing what you were taught, you take your pencil and first add up the units (5 plus 1) Then you add up the tens (4 plus 3) You do the same with the hundreds (2 plus 6) And finally you have your complete answer. That's what you were taught. And that's how you do math: Units Tens Hundreds Thousands etc Except now there's a problem. Because the way you were taught to do math on paper was suicidal to your ability to do math in your head.

10 Tips For Preparing For Your Next Exam by John Daye
... Get a tutor or study buddy when possible, and be one yourself (you can often learn by teaching!) 4. Review your notes from class/books and rewrite them, clearing up any points necessary and reinforcing them. 5. Compare study notes and class notes with those of others. Fill in what they have that you don’t. Get help understanding what you may have missed. Highlight or underline important points. 6. Read all of your assignments, required book chapters, lessons, etc.

A Bubble of Confidence - Preparing Your Child for Standardized Testing by Kayla Fay
... Your teacher will teach you everything you need to know." Tell your child that you and her teacher are going to work together to ensure test readiness. Take the burden of responsibility off the child, and listen for the sigh of relief. Practice the format. The first time I did my taxes myself, I was overwhelmed. In the following years, the process seemed easier. The procedure was just as difficult, but I was familiar with the form. Make sure your child has a chance to practice the test in ...

5 Ways to Form Good Study Habits in your Kids by Dinorah Blackman
... Relying on your memory might not always be a good idea. Make sure you have a specific place to write down all your upcoming assignments. It will save you a lot of trouble, time and unnecessary phone calls. 5. Take a break. Few children are able to concentrate on homework for hours at a time. Usually a short 10 minute break between assignments can be relaxing and invigorating. Overall, teach your kids to take advantage of their study time by making it a calm, stress-free experience.

Getting Your Kids Organized for School in 5 Quick Steps by Sara Pedersen
... Teach them to manage their tasks with the use of simple lists or a planner/calendar of some sort. Office supply stores sell ones with cute kid- friendly designs, or use computer lists (or even PDAs) for techie kids. When they learn of upcoming assignments, tests, or events, they should write them down in their planners. 5. Encourage color coding. Color affects our mood and memory. Let kids pick the colors of their folders and notebooks to correspond to different classes.

Ensure Your Child's Success in Math - 10 Great Ways! by Susan Jarema
... There are amazing free resources out there that can teach your child everything they need to learn in math. Many math books are written especially for parents to provide inspiration, instruction and ideas. And the Internet now has endless math websites for all ages with online visual applications, videos, games and music. Time spent exploring math with your child will help your child excel in other areas such as science, geography, music, art and problem solving.

An Organized School Year In 10 Easy Steps by Sherrie Le Masurier
... The remaining small pouches are ideal for separating pens, pencils and calculators from personal items like a tooth or hair brush. Daily backpack habits. Make it a habit to sort thorough your child’s backpack with her the same day it comes home. Depending on your schedule allot some time after school or after dinner. Sign permission forms and record important school events at the same time. Record everything on a family calendar. One of best ways to keep on top of everyone’s schedule is to ...

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